Free Feather

Feather freely floats
‘bove seas, below sky, ‘tween winds.
Be like that feather.

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo credit: Unsplash

In response to dVerse‘s Come Fly with Me—dVerse Poetics by Victoria C. Slotto who wrote her very own Feather Art.


For today’s Poetics, I ask you to look at feathers. Perhaps you will write of a bird, whether humble or glorious in its array, or maybe you will zero in on an individual feather in its detail, writing along the line of imagist poets. How about feathers as a metaphor, or the function of these structures as they serve our avian friends? You may even choose to get a bit spicy, but what would I know about that? Can you hear feathers? Smell, taste or touch them? What do they mean in certain cultural or religious traditions such as those of Native Americans? There are so many possible ways to fly with this prompt.

52 thoughts on “Free Feather”

  1. VERY late to my reading — last days of vacation in Provincetown …. sigh. Home now and delighted to see your poem here. So few words so chock full of meaning. Ah, how I would love to take lazy flight like that — skirt along the grounds of some places, float high above the Grand Canyon, float through the ruins of Athens…just think the life we could have as a free floating feather! Delightful meandering thoughts I’m having, because of these few words! 🙂

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