The Coming Out

Come out courage,
fuel nervous mind.
Come out hope,
help tired soul stand.

Come out joy,
pick body out of bed.
Come out faith,
paint dull world red.

Come out love,
slice heart open and bare.
Come out muse,
spill words mouth can’t say.


©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.
Photo credit: Unsplash

In response to dVerse‘s Opening to the Muse–dVerse Quadrille #16 by Ms. Victoria C. Slotto who also wrote her own piece here.


This morning, I spent some time reflecting on how important it is to be open to whatever comes our way. We have our goals, our bucket lists—hopefully. But life doesn’t always cooperate, loves to tease us with a curve ball now and again. From that little reflection, the word OPEN has been playing in my mind and so I’m choosing it for this week’s Quadrille.

45 thoughts on “The Coming Out”

  1. i suppose the words came
    first.. connecting emotions
    to words.. and then a walk
    every night at 3 AM..
    the dark
    woods no
    longer to bring
    a chill along my spine..
    and then a dance.. with
    never lessons.. and now
    a spiraling balance
    of all limbs
    from head
    to toe..
    with emotional
    regulation and sensory
    integration never had before..
    the body keeps score.. and
    the score can be changed my
    FriEnd.. never give up as the
    next dance may be as youR liGht..:)

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