46 thoughts on “Labelling Mistakes”

      1. Hmmm…I used to guest publish at Bella’s and never got my own WP site. It won’t allow me to remove myself from Bella’s without attaching to another primary account. Do you think you can live with it for now. πŸ˜€

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      2. Ahhh…I bet you’ll run circles around my programming friends. Your site is gorgeous and you run it like a well-oiled machine. I’m turning in soon…it’s past midnight here. Night sweetie. What time is it where you are?

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      3. Oh dear. I am sorry for the super late reply! This is just a free theme so i guess WP is user-friendly (sometimes). πŸ˜€ When you asked I think it was around 1PM here. Maybe we are 12 hours away?

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      4. Thank goodness you use the same profile pix or I’d never be able to decipher which Rosemarie Gonzales to request a friendvite. πŸ˜€ I requested using my personal account, Lonna Yen, not my fan page – FLYLΔ“F Reviews. If you see a girl trying to paddle board, that’s me. =)

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