If Only

if only
you had
listened through silence
felt my cold absence
seen my dark shadows
taste my bitter wallows
we could have been—
if only.

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer

Photo credit: Unsplash

38 thoughts on “If Only”

  1. Lovely poem, Rose! It’s so full of regret and longing and heartbreak. Beautifully expressed!
    [And I agree with Shaun’a comment above. “If only you HAD” is correct grammar. In your sentence “if” is a conditional, and therefore has to be followed by a past perfect tense.(which, in your case would be “had done”).]

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  2. Such sonorous and meaningful words with which to frame your verse. And, sister, you use these words to impress us in our minds and hearts, especially with regard to living now. Hopefully, we can move beyond the poignant sadness of if only. (Well, that’s a lesson that I take away!)

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