The Guitarist

Surrounded by girls
tattooed and almost naked
with eyes only on you.

Sweaty sexy rock
you played effortlessly
like it’s your sole due.

Supposed I wasn’t one
of those sassy lasses, yet
I’m also crazy for you.

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer

Photo credit: Unsplash

45 thoughts on “The Guitarist”

      1. I have so many hummingbirds, Rosey! They are running me ragged. I’m having to fill up the feeders every day! I have 2 – 4 cup feeders; 2 – 3 cup feeders; and 1 – 2 cup feeder. That’s a lot of nectar and they are going through it every day!!

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      2. You have never seen a hummingbird? They are little tiny birds with long beaks that look like short straws. I have a picture of one if I can find it. I will post it (if I can find it).

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  1. Great poem. I can picture this guy, oh so compelling with a beautiful voice and colourful tattoos. I don’t think a woman alive could resist staring, caught in the moment. And probably better not to be one of his groupies lol.

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