Elusive Words

Elusive Words: A Tanka

that might have been
if we’re both brave enough
to say the words left unsaid– but
we’re not.

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer

Photo credit: Unsplash

44 thoughts on “Elusive Words”

  1. Communication is the devil in a relationship. Lucky for him (a.k.a. hubz), I’m quite loquacious! He says he mentally checks out all the time! >_< Lovely poem, my dear!

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  2. I wasn’t familiar with this shorter Tanka style–very interesting! The poem–sad, and yet, how do we know that maybe it was God’s plan of protection that they didn’t become a couple?

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      1. yes! me too, sister! right now. I am kind of afraid to step. I am planning, and thinking of coming up with my own book. But I cannot do the first step. too afraid.


      2. Oh wow, sister–this is Very Exciting news!! Is it a novel? I have total confidence it will be a success–just trust God for each step, and you’ll be fine!!! ❤

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      3. I am not sure if it is a novel. The idea sparked last night. I was just going to compile my poems in a book when it suddenly popped!

        Thank you my dear sister! ❤


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