Word-High July: Kaulayaw



For years I’ve been
if love for me is
until now I am still
for someone who’ll define love’s

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer

Photo credit: BuzzFeed, Unsplash

In response to Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words: Day 17 – Kaulayaw.

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112 thoughts on “Word-High July: Kaulayaw”

      1. No Rosemarie, HE is blessed to have me. >_< Though, he swears I'm his kryptonite, thins his wallet, and something about me being too high-maintenance. I have no idea what he's talking about. 😉

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      2. OH WOW! And wow! I LOVE IT! I love that I can be an inspiration for one of your poems. This one’s mine to cherish forever. ❤

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      1. Oh how wonderful–Happy Birthday dear Tatay!!! And many more! Hugs and kisses!! Sister, did you have cake and all kinds of good things?? Tell me, tell me! Yesterday I made Banana Cream Pie (Jeff loves it)–so tell Tatay that I will eat a few bites just to honor him and his day!!

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      2. Aww. Thank you dear! 😀 😀 😀
        We had no cakes but I treat him and my family in a restaurant here and we ate Mang Inasal. We ate chicken there, like barbeque chicken. 🙂 And halo-halo, it is a native icy dessert. 😀 I want to but a cake but my budget isn’t enough! 😀 😀 😀

        GEEEZ! I want to taste that pie, too!!


      3. Oh it sounds like a WONDERFUL celebration, sister–dinner out, and yummy barbeque chicken, I LOVE that!!! Halo-halo sounds very intriguing and tasty too! Could you describe it more–if you have time? If only you had time to bake a cake…or if I lived next door–to bake one and bring it over!!! <3<3

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      4. Yes it is. 🙂 I really treasure those family times even if it leave holes in my pocket. HAHA.
        Haluhalo or Halo-halo (Tagalog: [haluˈhaloʔ], “mixed together”) is a popular Filipino dessert with mixtures of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various ingredients, including boiled sweet beans, coconut, sago, gulaman (agar jelly), tubers and fruits. It is served in a tall glass or bowl.
        You can read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halo-halo.

        I would loooooove to get your baked goodies!!


    1. yes. i have witnessed a lot of girl friends who are kinda feeling hopeless. but i think we are really created to be other’s half. but it’s important to remember that one is a whole number. ❤


      1. HAHAHA! I can imagine them on queue and getting impatient for their time to come! AHAHAHA

        BTW, I like that you are writing short stories now. I looove your original style but i think you can reach out to more readers via your short stories. 🙂 my boss shared to us early this year about an analysis which showed that online reader’s attention span is now 8 seconds.

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      2. Oooooh! Channillo!?!?! Geeez. The name sounds epic!
        Which reminds me of that still nameless babe! How is he??

        Yes. The prolific tech advancements lead to people getting lazier. Average 8 seconds of attention span is just too short.

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      3. Oh thank you for sharing it with me. Got to take note of that. Been thinking of how can i monetize this creative writing. Because my muse has been fighting with my money-mind for time. 😉

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