Word-High July: Kilig



Your warm skin brushes mine,
your round eyes meet mine,
your soft hand holds mine,
for the first time.

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer

Photo credit: BuzzFeed, Unsplash

In response to Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words: Day 1 – Kilig.

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98 thoughts on “Word-High July: Kilig”

  1. How did you know that? Yes, the first time my (nerdy) husband held my palms, his (sweaty) right melted into my right, it was just like that! He gets to have the sweaty palm b/c this is MY memory. >_<

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  2. I LOVE this so much, Rosey!! (And now I’m really worried because I’m using the Filipino words in my haiku–and no one else is doing that…I’m probably not even using them correctly…oh dear, oh dear…)

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      1. Chill? Me? Hahahahahaha–I’ll try 🙂 And I’m counting on you to judge fairly–if you think I’m messing up, PLEASE let me know; because I can always go by others posts and change how I do it. Okay, I’m now driving us both crazy with my fretting–I’ll stop! 🙂 🙂

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      2. I suspect we’ve both had an up and down week–but we’ll be alright, I promise!! My kilig is posting in 2 minutes–let me know if you think I should not use the Filipino words in my haiku/poems (fret fret fret 🙂 ) I don’t want to be a disgrace to my fave Filipino friends ! <3<3<3

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      3. Yes my dear. Life is like that i think. a series of ups and downs. We are just blessed with a constant God. ❤

        I read it, sissy! And it is not okay. it is AWESOME! 😀


  3. Reblogged this on Seasons: A poetic journey of a thousand miles and commented:
    I want to challenge myself with words unfamiliar and find a story untold. Inspiration from a land never visited but dreamed. So here it will unfold.

    Here is Rosema’s blog and her poetry. I find it always positive and endearing. Oh, to always find the best in life. To stay focused on goodness one must fight against darkness. I know this all too well. The dark infiltrates my being and grips me tight. Past experience, trauma unresolved, tears that stream oceans. I often find glimmers of light, hope personified, sometimes in dreams and other times in my garden.

    The other day I walked across shards of glass, miraculously no blood was left, the glass sparkly as diamond rainbows. The rain washed my soul. I lived another day to embrace loved ones who patiently wait for the girl they once knew. I hope a time never arrives when I let them down.

    It is truly a battle. In dreams I have been promised this ugliness will one day soon pass away and Eden will conquer my hell.

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