Bad Goodbye

Bad Goodbye

You said it’s unintended farewell,
but your eyes shows you’re
lying, lying, lying.
You can’t even look straight to me,
as my tears starts
flowing, flowing, flowing.

As I try to keep
my broken heart
beating, beating, beating,
you closed the door,
and leave me with no air for
breathing, breathing, breathing.

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: Unsplash

In response to dVerse‘s Poetics: Unintended Farewell.


Coming to this week’s prompt – here is what I have in mind – I want you to write a poem about the farewell you gave but didn’t mean to – the good-bye you said but hoped that you will meet again at the crossroads. I know it happened to me before, more than once – that I got onto a train, waved my hands involuntarily, the people I left behind fading slowly and that only made me realize how strong the bond was. I hope you will enjoy writing this – come join me and celebrate poetry.


41 thoughts on “Bad Goodbye”

  1. Saying goodbye is not my forte.. I break down.. or I mummify not to let my tears fall, and as you said, count my heartbeats away..
    ❤ Love you!

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  2. 😦 No!! Don’t go!! Oh, the heartache 😦 I’m loving the prompts. Someday, I’m going to join them too. Hopefully sooner rather than later. They all sound super fun to write for! 🙂

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  3. i read the first line and thought, that’s a lie. And then I read lying three times. The repetition, I think, builds toward repeated “breathing.” That’s how breathing goes–repeatedly (thankfully)–even when it’s labored, as it must be here. The last three lines in fact create a metaphoric scene in which emotional loss is tautly expressed. More moving work, Rosema!

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  4. I hope not too many people have to go through this terrible goodbye. Nothing hurts more than saying goodbye when all you ever wanted is to hold on. Another heartbreakingly beautiful piece, dear. </3

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