Earth’s Tenants: An Envelope Quintet*


Earth’s Tenants: An Envelope Quintet*

We’re just tenants and not owners
of this world called earth–
witness to billions of death, birth,
mystery’s it’s worth.
So let’s live and not be mourners.

©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: Unsplash

In response to Napowrimo Day 22. (yes, I’m catching up! :D)


Today’s prompt comes to us from Gloria Gonsalves, who also suggested our prompt for Day Seven. Today, Gloria challenges us all to write a poem in honor of Earth Day. This could be about your own backyard, a national park, or anything from a maple tree to a humpback whale.

*Envelope Quintet

Envelope Quintet (Italian) is a 5 line verse in which the center lines are enclosed by the rhyme of the outer lines.

The Envelope Quintet is:

  • stanzaic, a quintet may be a stand alone poem or can be written in any number of 5 line stanzas.
  • meter at the discretion of the poet.
  • rhymed abcba or aabaa or abbba , subsequent stanzas may link or continue the rhyme scheme: linked abcba cdedc or abcba deced / continued is simply abcba defed etc.

Read more of my Napowrimo 2016 poems here!

32 thoughts on “Earth’s Tenants: An Envelope Quintet*”

  1. Amen to that! We definitely do not own the earth. We need to live and rejoice and be happy and grateful for what we have and treasure it.

    P.S. I’m so glad you’re catching up with NaPo 🙂 Yay! 😀

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      1. Oh, I’m sure you’ll do just fine with the prompts. Even if you can’t, well, it doesn’t take away from the various forms you’ve written so far 🙂

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  2. We’re just tenants and not owners
    of this world

    What a wonderful take on this insight. We don’t own Earth; we are its stewards. But it behooves us, too, to celebrate that. It’s amazing to be living, after all. Thanks for this message!

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  3. Nice. Well done on this. I like the word tenants but I think I like caretakers a bit more. Shows we have a great responsibility, not just witnessing, and letting earth be destroyed. Sorry not to cause, argument, jus how I see it:)

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  4. We need to scream this over and over and over again so we’ll remember where we stand. Mankind acts as if they own the Earth when in fact we’re all just petty tenants. Powerful poem dearieeee!

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