Victor’s Crown: Villanelle


Victor’s Crown: Villanelle
©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer

Whom shall I fear?
is it the sea of grief?
I think I know the answer.

Soul’s dark, nothing’s clear
enemy’s so fast so brief,
whom shall I fear?

Waiting in pain, rescue’s not near
should I jump in sadness’ cliff?
I think I know the answer.

Hope burned not just seared,
faith stolen by mighty thief,
whom shall I fear?

No one sees or even hear,
am I like a forgotten leaf?
I think I know the answer.

I am not alone, my Redeemer’s here
With victor’s crown he’s my life’s chief
Whom shall I fear?
I think I know the answer.

Photo credit: Micah. H

In response to Blogging from A to Z ChallengeV is for Villanelle


Villanelle (a rustic, peasant song or dance) is an intricate French verse that is distinguished by its pastoral subject matter and alternating refrain. A member of the Rondeau family, it expands on the Rondeau’s signature, “rentrement”, a repetition of the 1st line or phrase as a refrain, by also including the 3rd line as an alternating refrain. The Villanelle originated in the 15th century becoming standardized by the 17th century.

The Villanelle is:

  • metered, primarily iambic pentameter.
  • in French stanzaic, written in any number of tercets and finally ending in a quatrain.
  • in English, written in a total of 19 lines, made up of 5 tercets and ending with a quatrain.
  • L1 and L3 of the first stanza, alternate as the refrain in the following tercets.
  • composed with L1 and L3 of the first tercet repeated as the last two lines of the poem.
  • written with only 2 end rhymes with a rhyme scheme of A¹bA², abA¹, abA², abA¹, abA², abA¹A².
  • originally composed with a pastoral theme.

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20 thoughts on “Victor’s Crown: Villanelle”

  1. Your answer to the question, shown through the poem, is real. We can learn from it. “Hope burned”, “faith stolen”–and yet we’re not alone. Even when we feel no hope or faith, the source of hope and faith is there. Strongly encouraging work, Rosema!

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