Stead: A Shape Poem


Stead: A Shape Poem
©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer

am a
of the loved-home I am
from. My writer-self comes
from the genes of my mom. While
my singer-self’s the influence of my dad.
My friendly-self was developed
‘cause I’m the eldest among six.
My dreamer-self was honed by
our life’s tough– messy tricks.
All that I am, and all that I will
soon become, I owe to nothing
but the home where I am from.

Photo credit: Arno Smit

Sharing with you a photo of my real ‘home’:


In response to Blogging from A to Z ChallengeS is for Shape Poetry

Shape Poetry

Shape Poetry is also associated with Concrete Poetry-

Shape is one of the main things that separate prose and poetry. Poetry can take on many formats, but one of the most inventive forms is for the poem to take on the shape of its subject. Therefore, if the subject of your poem were of a flower, then the poem would be shaped like a flower. If it were of a fish, then the poem would take on the shape of a fish. ><<<*>

Shape and Concrete Poetry go hand-in-hand; however, Concrete or Visual Poetry don’t have to take on the particular shape of the poem’s subject, but rather the wording in the poem can enhance the effect of the words such as in this line:

an angel tumbling
         to earth . . .

Designing your own shape poem can be simple and fun, but try not to pick anything that would be too difficult. We suggest mapping out or drawing your shape first, and then importing the text of your poem into your shape.

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25 thoughts on “Stead: A Shape Poem”

  1. You honor your family through this shape-poem tribute. This is up-arrow, as it should be. The word-choice, rhyming, and meter make for smooth and engaged reading. I trust you’ve shared this with your folks and your sibs (and lots of others).

    It’s a delight to see your family in the photo!

    Liked by 1 person

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