FREE on Amazon: Bound by Life by Arpita Pramanick

Bound by Life by Arpita Pramanick of Scribbles@Arpita is now available for FREE on Amazon!

I am lucky to have read this debut short stories collection and you dare not miss this chance of making this yours! 🙂 To show why, here’s a short excerpt from the review that I have written last February! ❤

What I Love:

If I am to sum up the ten short stories in this book, I would use the word ‘relatable’.

With the diversity of the topics Arpita has delved into, I think every reader can pick a story where he/she can relate.

On my case, the first story titled The Silent Victim appealed to me the most. Because first, I am a lady whose greatest fear is abuse. Like Deepa, I hate it when a man unknown to me gets too close to me too much but like her, I also had my share of traumatic incident once when I was in a bus.

By the way the story was told, with simple yet emotionally powerful words, Arpita was able to make me feel Deepa.

I felt the same heart-tugging effect when I read I am MalaThe story felt so true and so raw.

I love stories who stunned me, stories which I cannot predict the ending, and I am glad I experienced that with Elusive and The Girl with the White Patches

I also liked Bound by Life. It is sadly moving. While The Mother’s Plight actually reminded me of my favorite author’s, Mitch Albom’s, For One More Day.

As a mystery/crime junkie, Arpita was also able to creep me out with The Vaastu Snake.


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