The Seven Deadly Sins of Senryu*


The Seven Deadly Sins of Senryu*

*A senryu-series collaboration with Melinda Kucsera of In Media Res.

Melinda, an eloquent poetess and a gifted fantasy writer, is the author of epic fantasy adventure Stars and Angel Sing. Visit her blog and take a thrilling journey as she takes you to the enchanted world of Shayari.


Gun locked and loaded.
Chamber a round, set my sights–
unload bullet’s wrath.

Blood pours from killed foe
does it bring equal  justice,
or your mind’s own peace?

Photo credit: Melinda Kucsera

More deadly senryu tomorrow…

47 thoughts on “The Seven Deadly Sins of Senryu*”

  1. Most definitely wrath is involved with mirder most foul! Great job collaborating on these sins. Also breaks the 10 commandments ” Thou Shall Not kill.”

    Liked by 1 person

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