Travelling Tastebuds

“Counting calories is the quickest way to spoil a good meal.” – FT Ledrew of Hook, Line and Inkwell

My heart would want
a figure that’s sexy
but that want is always
ditched by my tummy!

Because all I want

1. Barbeque! (USA)

2. Cheesy and Meaty Pizza (Italy)

3. Hakaw / Shrimp Dumpling (China)

4. Bopis (Philippines)

FYI: Bopis is a piquant Philippine dish of pork or beef lungs and heart sautéed in tomatoes, chilies and onions. Classified as pulutan in Philippine cuisine, bopis is served with alcoholic beverages.

I don’t drink but yeah, I love bopis! 😀

5. LTB (Lugaw, Tokwa, Baboy) (Philippines)

FYI: LTB is the Filipino porridge/congee served with chunks of fried pork and tofu! 😀

6. Cheesecake (Greece)

Photo credits: Ali Inay, Ang Sarap, Giphy, Wikipedia, Panlasang Pinoy, Spauntaneous, Tumblr

The Great Book of Lists by La duchesse d’Erat

Chapter 3.0– Favorite Dishes

Thank you for a satisfying prompt, Laduchessederat!


Did I make your hungry? 😀

Sorry! 😀


62 thoughts on “Travelling Tastebuds”

  1. What a smart title! Loved each of them, although, if I may offer my humble opinion, when you say BBQ, it usually is not shishkebab 😀 but a fattening super-heavy juicy hamburger lol

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  2. Gosh, you had me drooling at all these dishes except for tofu. I will have a strong, black coffee with my cheesecake, please 🙂 Thanks for the mention and for posting these wonderful dishes. You gave me an idea as to how to prepare moose heart the next time I go hunting for moose 🙂

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      1. I’m from the US–and the Midwest, to be more specific–where there isn’t a great deal of an international food culture. I love to travel and try out everything new for that reason! I spend a lot of time trying to recreate dishes I’ve had in my travels at home. Thankfully, the internet makes that much easier with recipes and ingredients I can order when my local stores don’t carry items.

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