Elemental Senryu*

Elemental Senryu*

*A collaboration with Melinda Kucsera of In Media Res.

Melinda, an eloquent poetess and a gifted fantasy writer, is the author of epic fantasy adventure Stars and Angel Sing. Visit her blog and take a thrilling journey as she takes you to the enchanted world of Shayari.


Above sprouts green lawns,
beneath lies decaying bones,
births, buries life zones.

Cities rise and fall
Earth remains spinning through all
the lives led and lost.

To be continued tomorrow…

Photo credit: Unsplash.com

42 thoughts on “Elemental Senryu*”

  1. My thanks to you and to Melissa. How much have we buried beneath earth? And how many things have grown atop? It goes on. And it’s authentic and affirming to remind us poetically of all this.

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    1. I’m sorry, Melinda(!). I’ve read so much of your writing. I really should know better. Admittedly, I’ve been preoccupied of late, more than usual. And, Rosema, I seem to making mistakes at your blog. I apologize.

      Still like your collaboration. Earthly wise.

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      1. Woah! That would be really, really awesome. Like, REALLY. (Though I don’t know how to do a proper collab) 😀 😀 😀

        And, I remember I still owe you a sequel. I already have it in my drafts after soooo many years (an exaggeration). Haha. Will be posting it this weekend. 😉

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  2. Another great one. Such a delight to read when two great minds are together. You definitely matched your styles well here. 🙂

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