Me Before You: First Official Trailer

Warning: If you loved Me Before You so much (because it made you cry a lot!) this trailer will give you goosies! 

Yes, I love Jojo Moyes

and I sooooo loved Me Before You (Me Before You, #1). ❤

This will be released in cinemas on June 03!

Who’s as excited as me?


Emilia Clarke is so adorable and Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Photograph’ made this trailer extra special!



18 thoughts on “Me Before You: First Official Trailer”

      1. Well… it’s a personal rule I’ve decided. As much as possible, I would watch the movie first before reading the book. This way, I’m free of prejudice and expectations; and will get to enjoy (or not) the movie without bias. But that’s just for me. 😀
        Yes, that accent is sexy. HAHA

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