Plea to Mourn


For all souls lost.

Either shot or blown apart,

either criminal or civialian,

either innocent or terrorist,

’cause they’re all humans.


For all lives altered by war.

Children who grow old without parents.

Parents who buried their own child.

Fiancee who was not able to say ‘I do’.

Soldiers who were not able to know what’s true.


Because mourning makes you care,

because mourning makes you realize,

that peace is surely a must.


Because war is not a problem

solved by guns and bombs.

Because peace can only be achieved,

by no one else,

but us.



©2016 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: Christian Daily

This poem was inspired by Maria’s fictional story ‘The Vow‘ and Christopher poem ‘Microsmic Murder‘.



55 thoughts on “Plea to Mourn”

    1. Yes, Judy… sadly sadly true. I thought terrorism affects only the lives of those killed. But after reading some books about soldiers who were sent to war to fight terrorism, I realized that war’s depressing cons are beyond lives killed.

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  1. Very sad. But it is true we need to take time to remember the fallen -soldiers, and civilians whose lives go out like someone blowing a candle out. Great poem.

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    1. Thank you, Fun! It was hard to write this depressing poem. But I’ve read books that showed me how terrorism and war isn’t just about lived killed, their effect, negative effect, goes beyond killed humans.

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  2. Oh Rosema, what can I possibly say that could perfectly express how deep this poem is. It’s so heartfelt that every word comes with an image on my mind. A picture of all these tragedies around. *sigh*

    Very well done. (P.S. I really want to put a smiley here but I’m mourning at the moment) Smiles!

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    1. Thank you, Maria. This is the effect of me reading your moving piece The Vow and Christopher’s ‘murder’ piece.
      And… this past few week, I’ve read books about war. Specifically about how traumatic war is for soldiers. These books made me realize that war is far beyond the killed lives and the devastated infrastructure. Because was and terrorism have unseen negative effects. And it goes beyond lives lost.

      I can surely understnad. I almost cried when I was writing this. It took me minutes to draft this after I’ve read your post. I was really affected, and sad.

      Thank you, Maria!

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      1. Oh I couldn’t agree more. It does goes beyond the lives lost during the war. It also leaves a deep wound to the living souls after it. I remember from Mitch’s Have a Little Faith, Albert said “War never stops; it only pauses.” And this is such a tragic truth that we have to live with. 😦

        By the way, there is a book that I’ve been meaning to read related to war and terrorism (which I based my short story from). It’s entitled, The Terrorist’s Son: A Story of Choice. Have you read it? I find it really interesting because it’s written from the terrorist son’s point of view. And what’s more heartwarming is that he was raised to be a terrorist but he chose not to. I’ve been looking for it in the bookstores but couldn’t find one though.

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  3. You’ve written verse that pierces through with grief and with beauty. If my poem served as any kind of catalyst for you, then I’m truly grateful. War changes us, always. Peace changes us, too. Always. Thank you for sharing your art and wisdom in such a compelling way.

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