Bus sprouts

To produce creative juices,

Agatha Christie

munches apples in the bathtub,

Victor Hugo

goes naked,


on the other hand,

rides a bus.

©2015 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.

Photo Credit: Miriadna

DAY 34 of 50 Days of Gratefulness

Today I am grateful for the buses, bus drivers and bus conductors who bring me home, safely, for five days a week.

My home’s 44 kilometers away from work and the fastest bus ride is more than an hour (that’s without traffic and with a driver in a rush! :D)

Aside from being my main mean of transportation, my bus rides were like plant beds where story ideas sprout everyday!

I still can’t figure out why but some of A Reading Writer’s hit stories were  written when I am either sitting or standing on a bus.

The most recent was the short bus-ride-inspired fiction I posted early today.

The list of stories inspired by sudden-creativity-burst-on-a-bus are:

Seasons: Epilogue (I have written this for maybe more than 20 minutes while I kept on listening to Sara Bareilles’ Breathe Again, yes, on a bus.)

Mirror: A Vignette (I haven’t written this story on a bus but the main concept and idea was formed while I am standing on a bus!)

and of course The Yellow Bus! (What if this bus carries a terrorist whose aim is to blow us all up? This is the question that triggered this story. And yes, it occured when I am also standing on a bus!)

It’s like, amazing for me! 🙂

How about you?

Where or when does your creativity juices spring out?  

What is your habit that generates ideas sprout?




32 thoughts on “Bus sprouts”

  1. At this moment I don’t have to rely on the bus, but I do ride it when I take my morning walks downtown. In college it was my only why to get around town. For me I always like observing what going on in the bus and outside. It always interesting to see and hear what going on around you.

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      1. I haven’t been writing for that long. Just start last year and still trying to figure out this whole writing process. Right now what inspire to write are things that I’ve experienced in life, what I seen and hear. You’ve read some of my blog post and most of those were from personal experience.

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      1. Hmm….no I never used to mind it. But then I was able to drive a couple years. Then I couldn’t concentrate to drive so I haven’t drive in about six or seven years. I don’t mind it, it’s actually faster sometimes. But it can also be very tiring, all the stoping and starting. And all the people packed in tight. I guess I like my bubble free. Cheers. I can see how it would be an inspiring place.

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  2. You’re really brainy to have figured out what inspires you to write, I know many writers who can’t. Including myself 😦
    My ideas spring out at the most bizarre places and times. sometimes it takes me a long drive in the middle of the night to write something good or sometimes I just get up from my sleep only to find myself awaken by an idea… I’m trying to figure out what really triggers my unconscious mind.
    Lovely post! 🙂

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    1. Hi Heena! I don’t think I am brainy? 😀 And just because you can’t figure out what inspires you to write doesn’t mean you are less brainy. 🙂
      Don’t be too hard on yourself because your posts and stories are just way way better than mine! 😀 And I truly love them so much! 🙂
      Thank you for reading, and! continue writing whether or not you figure out what inspires you to do so. 😉

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  3. I love your poem at the top of the post – such great imagery, and I enjoy the contrast between the different authors.

    I like to take walks on the little public footpath near my home. I’ve always (save for one year in London) lived in semi-rural areas, and find that surrounding myself with nature is the best way for me to relax and be inspired.

    I know what you mean about bus rides, and I really like that you have found so much inspiration for your writing there. I used to commute to London and back – two hours each way by train, underground, and bus – so regularly had plenty of time on public transport to think, read, write, or just create.

    Thanks for sharing the links to your other pieces as well! 🙂


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    1. oh thank you, Emma! for reading and for sharing your thoughts. 🙂 Commuting can really spark ideas. And your walking technique actually reminds me of Stephen King. He does that when he’s going through writer’s block. 🙂
      Thank you again!

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