Proudly, Philippines

The Philippine Flag - Bohol, Bohol

“It looks so great it seems I am not in the Philippines.”

This is how Filipinos, a lot of them, described majestic views, breathtaking scape and pristine beaches in my humble little country.

Some may say it’s fine. But for me, it isn’t.

It is, for me, almost synonymous to saying that the Philippines is the worst country in the world and it has no right to have something so beautiful.

Please, don’t get me wrong.

My country and its people, including me, are no way perfect. There are a lot, maybe all, corrupt officials. There are garbages, there are stinky areas, there are crooks.

But hey, the Philippines have all the right to the credit that it deserves.

So please, when you describe something that is just so great, don’t use the phrase I’ve written above.

Say, “Beautiful, magnificent, of course, I’m in the Philippines,” instead.

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Photo Credit: TrekEarth


DAY 12 of 50 Days of Gratefulness

Today, I am grateful that I am a Filipino, that I am from the Philippines. 🙂

I am about to go home, today in a first-ever journey of discovering the the land where I was born.

Today, I am here at Vigan City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and officially recognized as one of the New7Wonders Cities.

I am probably seeing this culture-rich, old-and-rustic view:

Photo credit: Forums France

So… yes, it’s marvelous, because it is proudly, Philippines.



17 thoughts on “Proudly, Philippines”

  1. I re-posted your words here to Twitter, because I think they’re great. I was incredulous when first reading that folk in the Philippines (from the Philippines) would say the good places there are not, in effect, really part of home, let alone heritage. I first learned about the Philippines in a roundabout way, from studying Spanish for several years. Then I learned about the American experience there, which is certainly a for-good-or-for-ill, ongoing thing. What I’ve really wanted to learn about is actual Filipino culture from those who live there. You have been a great help in this. Are there harsh places and phenomena there? Sure. Here, too. Thanks! Keep setting us straight!–Christopher


    1. Thank you! I am really really touched by your gesture. And I am glad to show some bits and pieces of my little country, the Philippines. 🙂 Like your country, this country isn’t perfect. But I love it, and I am proud of it. 🙂

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  2. I still say, Go, Philippines! I’ve nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. I hope this is all right with you. Over at my blog (in the entry with the award’s name in the title) there are the rules and the award’s icon. I’ve also linked you there as a nominee. Thank you!

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  3. Funny (and a bit sad too) as we are so so far away and yet our two little beloved countries suffer from the same illness .
    So it is up to us , the ones who see the beauty and the qualities of the majority of our people to show it .
    Turtle Hugs 🙂

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