Monday Musings: On friendship

Monday Musings

Start the week with some wise words worth pondering. – rosemawrites

Great Monday everyone! 😀

I have been absent for five days and yes, sadly I was not able to finish the amazing Writing 201 course. 😦

Work has been super busy since Wednesday… and I think will be busy for the coming days, too.

While I was all stressed out last week, it was pure bliss when I opened my inbox this morning and saw two personal messages from my two good friends, both from Writing 101 and Writing 201. Hey there, Vijaya and Jacqueline!

My heartfelt thanks to the two of you! ❤ Seriously, I was so touched that you missed me! 😀

So today’s wise words are inspired by my dearest blogger friends, Vijaya and Jacqueline.

From: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby

My thoughts:

I consider friends as the best treasures in life.

Since my elementary days up to during my high school and college lives, I have collected a few but truly good friends.

Until now, I am still connected with some of them. Some have their own family already but we always make it a point to see each other and do catch-up.

Because friendship, just like any relationship, requires effort. 🙂 It requires a willing heart to remain friends. 

I am happy, and so glad that blogging became a way to have great friends. 🙂

And I will exert all efforts to maintain it.



16 thoughts on “Monday Musings: On friendship”

  1. Thank you, dear Rose Marie! I am so glad to know that you are okay. The thing with the blog-o-sphere, is that while anonymity is nice, we start worrying about those of whom we become fond if we don’t see them online.
    Take care, and welcome back!


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  2. Oh there you are 😀 I was wondering where are you
    Good news in November there is 3 classes: blogging 101-blogging 201 and writing 101

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  3. Welcome back! 😀 I was wondering where have you been, then I remembered you mentioned before that you’ll be busy. Great to see you around. 🙂

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    1. Yay! I am glad you liked it and it touched you, Krysta. 🙂

      I think we are all unique but friendship doesn’t require two identical personalities. It’s about how two persons complement each other. Just like romantic relationships, too! 🙂


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