BOOK READS: A Review of The Color Purple by Alice Walker


Oddly structured. Poignant yet inspiring.

The Color Purple by Alice Walker
The Color Purple
Genre: Fiction. Epistolary novel
Published: 1982
Rating: 💖💖💖💖 (MUST-READ)


Celie, a ”colored” woman, told her life’s tale including the injustices that she has been through.

Set in Georgia, she told her story through letters addressed to God.

From a woman who felt worthless, she slowly find her true value, both as a ‘colored’ lady and as a person.


The Color Purple won the Pulitzer Prize for a lot of reasons.

Yes, the book contains some explicit content especially about the abuses against ”colored” women but these actually make the story more moving.

Celie’s tales and her sister’s, named Nettie, experiences in Africa are gruesome especially the woman’s ”circumcision” which has been a tradition for some African tribes.

These ugly incidents can really make you cringe as a reader. But I think they make the ending more inspiring.  



After reading the numerous tragedies the characters have been through, the ending became more heartening.


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