3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge: Work it out!

three day 3 quotes

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.”

First of all, I would like to thank my dearest blogger friends, Edwina and Jacq for tagging me with this Three Days Three Quotes Challenge. It is a great honor that you still remember me despite my frequent absence in WP. ^^’

I have been thinking of ways to update you guys about the latest happenings in my life. And I am glad that now, I can sneak sometime to write about it, through… quotes! (You know how I love quotes!)

Without further adieu, here is my first quote:

Photo credit: Work-stress-solutions 

Warning: This would probably be a long tale but I will try my very best to be brief. 🙂

I have been almost absent here in the blogosphere for almost a month now. If you have read my previous posts, I can hardly blog everyday anymore. Last week was the worst because I only blogged for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Those are actually scheduled post.

The main reason why I am finding it hard to write any more is because I lack time. And that is because of my full work load brought by the fact that… I am promoted.

A big company that has been our client for six years is now assigned to me. I am not just a PR Writer anymore, I am now PR Writer and PR Accounts Coordinator.

Some said promotions should be something that I would be happy about. Sadly, that was not the initial emotion that I felt when my boss told me the news.

I was not happy, I was afraid.

Not afraid of the workloads, but afraid of my capability to handle the humongous task ahead. Not afraid of levelling up, but afraid of failing.

I doubted myself. I doubt if I can really fulfill the job that I am being offered. Yes, there will be additional pay but I did not appreciate it because fear infiltrated my whole being.

My boss felt my fear. She said it to me when we talked about the promotion. She asked me for one last time if I am willing to accept the promotion. It was then that it struck me. It was then that I remembered that I somehow asked God for this.

It was the first Sunday of September when I have written a note to God. I dropped the letter in my church’s ‘Prayer Request Box’. In the letter, I asked for a new account/ client for the company. And that new client would be assigned to me because I will get ‘commission’ for that.

God is really a god of expectation and not a god of explanation. I never asked for the company that my boss has given me because it is a really really big company . I am no more than eight months in this job and I think I am not ready for it yet. But… God thinks I am.

The initial weeks, I would tell you honestly, are chaotic. I am stressed out with all the tasks ahead. I am almost sick and I even dream about the company! (Can you believe that!?)

I am always waiting for me to fail. I am always waiting for me to commit a mistake.

Until last Sunday, during our church service, our pastor said, “Ikaw dapat ang unang magtiwala sa sarili mo. Mahiya ka kung wala kang tiwala sa sarili mo pero ang ibang tao meron.” (“You should be the first person who believe in you. Be ashamed if other people believe in you and you don’t.”)

Those words hit me hard. Because those words are for me.

Things have been different from then on. I started Monday believing that no task is too big. Now, it’s Thursday and I am now writing as I have finished all the reports and the write-ups that I have to do. Yes, there will be more tasks coming. But I am ready.

I now refuse to work hard and be stressed.

I now choose to work hard and love what I do.


©2015 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer.

I would like to share this quote-journey with you my lovely fellow Filipinas! 🙂

I hope you, girls will enjoy it as much as I do.


Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Not Scary but Definitely Creepy Books


“So what, ghosts can’t hurt you. That’s what I thought then.”  Stephen King, Bag of Bones

I am no fan of ghosts or monster novels that is why I am kinda having some hard time with today’s The Broke and the Bookish‘s Halloween-inspired Top Ten Tuesday.

October 27: Halloween themed freebie

So instead of promising that this list will be full of SCARY novels, which I cannot actually promise, I opted to share to you books that definitely gave me creeps. Here are the Ten Not Scary but Definitely Creepy Books:

1. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief

Death is the storyteller of this book, isn’t it creepy?

2. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

The Lovely Bones

Susie Salmon, a teenage girl raped and murdered, told her gruesome story from heaven.  Yeah, for me it’s creepy.

3. 1st to Die (Women’s Murder Club, #1) by James Patterson

1st to Die (Women's Murder Club, #1)

A serial killer murders who murders newly-wed brides really sounds creepy to me.

4. Defending Jacob by William Landay

Defending Jacob

The main plot is actually a bit ordinary but the ending definitely give me creeps.

5. Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

Leaving Time

I had a lot of goosebumps when the main twist was told, it’s just… unexpected.

6. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

We Were Liars

Just like Leaving Time, I was not also ready when I reached the end of this book. It’s just so creepy!

7. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn 

Gone Girl

This novel and its movie are not just creepy. They are insane!!!

8. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

And Then There Were None

I never sang “Ten Little Indian Boys” after I read this book.

9. The Cuckoo’s Calling (Cormoran Strike, #1) by Robert Galbraith

The Cuckoo's Calling (Cormoran Strike, #1)

As a sucker of whodunit and muder mysteries, this book indeed gave me a lot of creeps.

10. Rising Sun by Michael Crichton

Rising Sun

As the first full-length novel that I have read, this book introduced me to the world of gross murders and thrilling plot. So yes, this complete my list.

Photo credits: All book covers are from Goodreads.

So that was it!

I hope you agree that these books are creepy enough!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

And to read your list, too!


2015 Reading Challenge: A book you we’re supposed to read in school (39th)


“What do we call visible light? We call it color. But the electromagnetic spectrum runs to zero in one direction and infinity in the other, so really, children, mathematically, all of light is invisible.” ― Anthony Doerr

After almost two weeks of reading at night, I can now finally post an update for the PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge. This book required a lot of time and effort. But once you’re done, you can definitely say that it is worth it.

Disclaimer: I am not a student anymore, but I think my former school libraries and my English teachers now suggest reading this book. 🙂

A book you we’re supposed to read in school (39th) – All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

All the Light We Cannot See

Marie-Laure lives with her father in Paris near the Museum of Natural History, where he works as the master of its thousands of locks. When she is six, Marie-Laure goes blind and her father builds a perfect miniature of their neighborhood so she can memorize it by touch and navigate her way home. When she is twelve, the Nazis occupy Paris and father and daughter flee to the walled citadel of Saint-Malo, where Marie-Laure’s reclusive great-uncle lives in a tall house by the sea. With them they carry what might be the museum’s most valuable and dangerous jewel.

In a mining town in Germany, the orphan Werner grows up with his younger sister, enchanted by a crude radio they find. Werner becomes an expert at building and fixing these crucial new instruments, a talent that wins him a place at a brutal academy for Hitler Youth, then a special assignment to track the resistance. More and more aware of the human cost of his intelligence, Werner travels through the heart of the war and, finally, into Saint-Malo, where his story and Marie-Laure’s converge.


This book has intimidated me for quite sometime now. But after a few book friends told me to please try it, I took a leap of courage and read!

530 pages are, for me, tedious but this book is just… phenomenal.

I promise to write my review as soon as possible!

(fingers crossed)



Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me


“To wish was to hope, and to hope was to expect.” ― Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

I wish and I, with full hope, expect that today’s list would be a reality! (cross fingers)

The Broke and the Bookish Top Ten Tuesday today is:

October 20: 10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

Without further adieu, here are my silent hopes, that I really really want to come true someday!

1. To meet, hug and talk to Mitch Albom and Nicholas Sparks! ❤

Mitch AlbomNicholas Sparks

2. To get a SIGNED copy of The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto: A Novel and See Me! 😀

The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto: A NovelSee Me

3. To visit North Carolina, the setting of most, if not all, Nicholas Sparks novel.

Photo credit: www.panacheprivee.com 

4. To have a COLOR-COORDINATED book shelf! 

Photo credit: newhomestyle.net 

5. To have a cosy reading nook where I can lock myself and read! 😀

Photo credit: decoist 

6. To have my own home library!

Photo credit: wallpaperz.info 

7. To have unlimited book budget! 

Photo credit: betweenthecovers 

8. To have a unlimited supply of coffee and cakes, the perfect pair for books! 😀

9. To receive this cool book-related stuffs this Christmas!

Talkative BookmarksPage-Wrapped Pencils

Personal Library KitAutomatic Reading Light

Photo credit: buzzfeed.com 

10. To quit my day job and just read all day! (That’s impossible, yes! :D)

Photo credit: pride 

That’s it!

Share to me your bookish wishes, too!



Monday Musings: On friendship

Monday Musings

Start the week with some wise words worth pondering. – rosemawrites

Great Monday everyone! 😀

I have been absent for five days and yes, sadly I was not able to finish the amazing Writing 201 course. 😦

Work has been super busy since Wednesday… and I think will be busy for the coming days, too.

While I was all stressed out last week, it was pure bliss when I opened my inbox this morning and saw two personal messages from my two good friends, both from Writing 101 and Writing 201. Hey there, Vijaya and Jacqueline!

My heartfelt thanks to the two of you! ❤ Seriously, I was so touched that you missed me! 😀

So today’s wise words are inspired by my dearest blogger friends, Vijaya and Jacqueline.

From: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby

My thoughts:

I consider friends as the best treasures in life.

Since my elementary days up to during my high school and college lives, I have collected a few but truly good friends.

Until now, I am still connected with some of them. Some have their own family already but we always make it a point to see each other and do catch-up.

Because friendship, just like any relationship, requires effort. 🙂 It requires a willing heart to remain friends. 

I am happy, and so glad that blogging became a way to have great friends. 🙂

And I will exert all efforts to maintain it.



Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Author Duos You’d LOVE To See Write A Book Together


“A writer’s brain is like a magician’s hat. If you’re going to get anything out of it, you have to put something in it first.” ― Louis L’Amour

It’s Top Ten Tuesday again and this week, The Broke and the Bookish put the spotlight on the people behind the words, the authors!

October 13: Top Ten Author Duos You’d LOVE To See Write A Book Together

This will take a lot of time but I will try to do it quick! 😀

So here are the duos that I would love to see, hopefully!

1. Kiera Cass + Colleen Hoover = Fairytalish  and suspense/mystery YA

The Selection (The Selection, #1)Never Never (Never Never, #1)

2. Rainbow Rowell + Graeme Simsion = Ultimate book with odd yet lovable characters

Eleanor & ParkThe Rosie Project (Don Tillman #1)

3. Anthony Doerr +  Alice Walker = Ultimate historical fiction

All the Light We Cannot SeeThe Color Purple

4. Alice Sebold + Jojo Moyes = Ultimate tearjerker

The Lovely BonesMe Before You (Me Before You, #1)

5. Stephen King + James Patterson = Ultimate sci-fi mystery thriller

11/22/631st to Die (Women's Murder Club, #1)

6. Jodi Picoult + Liane Moriarty = Ultimate mystery/romance/family novel

Leaving TimeThe Husband's Secret

7. E. Lockhart + Gillian Flynn = Ultimately ‘insane’ story

We Were LiarsGone Girl

8. Paulo Coelho + Markus Zusak = Ultimate inspiring and spiritually deep novel

The AlchemistI Am the Messenger

9. Gayle Forman + Robert Galbraith = Ultimate love and mystery thriller

If I Stay (If I Stay, #1)The Silkworm (Cormoran Strike, #2)

10.  Mitch Albom + Nicholas Sparks = THE BEST NOVEL EVER! 😀 ❤ (Sorry for fangirling!)

The Five People You Meet in HeavenThe Notebook (The Notebook, #1)

That’s it!

Share your thoughts to me, please! 😀

And your links, too!



WRITING 201: Evacuate

Oh so dark sky

in a starless night

Still I brave the road

with a single flickering light

Oh so cold water

bathe my tired feet

Still I pursue our lane

flooded at 3 meters deep

Oh why so quiet

usually noisy neighbors?

Still I head home, and

saw a scene I will not savor.

Oh so quick

we have to move.

Still the flood rises high

in fast, full groove.


©2015 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: shutterstock 

In response to Writing 201 Day 7 assignment:

Day 7: Neighborhood, Ballad, Assonance

What do you think about when you think about your neighborhood?

Whether it’s your block, a favorite store or coffeeshop, or just a general sense of community (or lack thereof), keep today’s poem local, within the radius of a leisurely stroll from your home.

I re-imagined that fateful October night when we are forced to evacuate due to flood.

It was unforgettable, not just for me and my family but to our whole community.


WRITING 201: Faces of Love

Love’s strength lies in its contradictions

while contradictions strengthen love.

Love lasts because it changes

while changes last because of love.


©2015 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: evolvingloveandlight 

Bold and italicized lines are from: Manuscript Found in Accra by Paulo Coelho

Manuscript Found in Accra

In response to Writing 201 Day 6 assignment:

Day 6: Faces, Found Poetry, Chiasmus

Before we learn how to read words, we learn, intuitively, to read faces. In today’s poem, take a single face or a multitude of them as your point of departure.

It doesn’t even have to be a real-life, flesh-and-blood face you’re writing about. Faces are ubiquitous in the texture of our daily lives, after all, from portraits in the museum and the banknotes in our wallets to billboards and street art and online profile pictures.

I almost skipped this assignment because work’s very busy and the topic’s really hard.

Glad that I was able to come up with this short piece.

I hope it made sense.



WRITING 201: To the Holder of my life’s map

I know you since I’m three or two

You know life’s hell that I’ve been through

Up, down, and up again

Rollercoaster life feels like I’m in vain

Surrender, that’s what I did

As I sink in the sea of grief

My dream is dead, I said to self

As I smell my failure’s stench

I let go, and let You lead

As my hope slowly fall asleep

At my lowest, you came finally

I touch the sky, on bended knee


©2015 Rosemawrites@A Reading Writer. All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: ilovehdwallpapers 

Inspired by: Touch the Sky by Hillsong

In response to Writing 201 Day 5 assignment:

Day 5: Map, Ode, Metaphor

Maps tell stories — about places we know and others we wish to visit, about technology and the speed with which we can traverse vast distances, and about the things we’ll see (or avoid) on our way from point A to point B.

Whether you choose to write about an actual map, an imaginary one, or just about a particular route that means something special to you, make today’s poem about a space you inhabit (or wish to. Or would rather avoid).

After I read the assignment for today, I dig into my brain to look for inspiration.

I usually listen to music while I give the assignment some thoughts. “What kind of map should I include? To whom or to what should I write an ode for?”

Then it hit me. Words just flow through me as I compose this post while listening to the song that I embed.

It felt surreal to translate into words an ode to HIM who holds my map.

It felt right to give him back the honour He deserves.

It felt good to look back how HE picked me up when I am at my life’s lowest.

Yes, this is for HIM. To HIM who holds my map.