BLOG-A-VERSARY: First Ten Followers


Remembering those who first trusted me back when I am just a newbie. – rosemawrites

As I have said in one of my latest post, Agony turns into Bliss, I will be publishing some thankful posts related to my celebration of A Reading Writer’s first anniversary.

I will try not to get too sentimental because I don’t want to annoy you guys! 🙂

So today, I want to thank those ten bloggers who first clicked that ‘FOLLOW’ button. Unconciously, these great people encouraged me that my decision to do this blog is not worthless.

Here are they:

  1. Princess of Absolutely Nobody 

THE BLOGGER: She is my first follower and I actually know her personally. We have worked for a short time together as Content Writers. I consider her a friend until now and A Reading Writer will not be here without her words of encouragement. 🙂

THE BLOG: You can see highly-opinionated essays, mostly about Philippine politics in her blog. There are also some awesome poems and some story of her personal experiences, especially as a professional writer.

  1. Brian Marggraf of Indie Hero Blog 

THE BLOGGER: He is a New York-based author of Dream Brother, a full length novel. He is also an advocate of independent publishing. (It was such an honor to be followed by a real writer! Like, really. :))

THE BLOG: He shares updates about his novel and he also publishes his own book reviews and some giveaways. What I like most about his blog is his ‘Indie Hero Spotlight’ where he posts bio and interesting truths about a featured indie author. 🙂

  1. Grady Brown of Grady P. Brown blog 

THE BLOGGER: He is a sci-fi writer who have written The Young Guardians and the Genesis Spell and The Young Guardians and the Great Darkness. He is also an autism advocate as he diagnosed with a high functioning autism.

THE BLOG: He posts about his writing updates and details of his novels and book signing tours. He also publishes sci-fi CONCEPT features as well as book and film reviews.

  1. Beth G. of My Ink and Wit 

THE BLOGGER: She is a Filipina writer who has written a book titled Destiny Cheated Me. Aside from her love of writing and reading, she is also a ‘coffee addict’ and a ‘hopeless romantic’. (That’s according to her. :))

THE BLOG: Her super awesome blog is full of updates about her latest reading and writing experiences. She openly shares her thought on her book reviews as well as some teasers about her upcoming new book. (Way to go Beth!)

  1. Caroline H. Hendry of Beautiful Life With Cancer 

THE BLOGGER: She is the writer of a book titled Spiritual Flesh and Blood. Aside from being an inspirational writer, she is also a wife ‘to the best husband in the world’ and a mom to ‘a miracle daughter’. She is an 18-year survivor of MEN2A cancer and she have Addison’s disease. (She’s such an inspiring woman, right?)

THE BLOG: She writes most of her personal experiences as a mom, a wife and as a princess of God. The most moving part of her blog, though, are her posts about her struggles and triumphs with cancer and Addison’s disease. She is such an inspiring woman.

  1. Anna Bayes of Anna 

THE BLOGGER: She is the writer of a lot or romance books and also a certified book lover. She is an introvert and shy girl. She is also a junkie of short stories and flash fiction.

THE BLOG: She posts stories and updates about her books.

  1. Jasmine Breeze of These Paper Words

THE BLOGGER: She is a 23-year old lady based in Australia. Like me, she also loves reading writing and she likes music as well!

THE BLOG: Most of her posts are about books and books and books! You can see a lot of great picks and book recommendations on her blog! 🙂

  1. Tim of Confronting Giants 

THE BLOGGER: He is a 38-year old married dad of three girls. He lives with his family in Orlando.

THE BLOG: He shares great posts about positivity. As an advocate of physical and mental fitness, he shares tips and experiences on battling anxiety.

  1. Tamara Philip of Tamara Philip Writes 

THE BLOGGER: She is a former New York-based romance writer who is now living in United Kingdom and The Carribean. She has debuted her novel titled The Trouble with Playing Cupid.

THE BLOG: She shares blog and book tours informations as well as her own book reviews and book updates on her blog. There are some book promo posts as well!

  1. Lola of Hit or Miss Books 

THE BLOGGER: She is a certified bibliophile who reads YA, NA, adult, paranormal, fantasy and a lot more books. She is also a TV junkie who watches Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, Modern Family and Pretty Little Liars.

THE BLOG: She has a loooot of book reviews. (I’m envious! :)) Take a look at her awesome giveaways as well! 🙂

I just want to thank these 10 awesome bloggers that believed in A Reading Writer!

To all my followers, you are not so many, but I appreciate each and everyone of you!



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