WRITING 101: I write because…

Writing is like breathing with words. – rosemawrites

I recently joined Blogging University’s WRITING 101 and I am just so excited to finish this course, this time!

Today’s assignment is: Why Do I Write?


I write because…

This is my dream.

  • To be honest, I took up Journalism because I want to avoid Math. (Yep!) But as I finish this degree, I have come to love writing. In fact, it is my dream to be a professional news writer someday. I am not there yet. Though, I am now a PR Writer in a Public Relations firm here in the Philippines. 🙂

This is my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings.

  • I am not that good in oral communication, especially in English. I’ve got nerves that made me stutter once I started speaking. But when I am writing, it feels like my fingers have minds of their own.

This is LIFE.

  • As A READING WRITER, I really breathe with words. I cannot imagine living a life without reading and writing.


89 thoughts on “WRITING 101: I write because…”

  1. Hi! I completely understand what you mean with avoiding Math (Lord knows I would have a better GPA without it xD)

    I have gone through the exact same oral communication problems, so I know what you mean. Writing sure helps with that! ❤

    I hope I get to read more of your posts this month! 🙂

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  2. “But when I am writing, it feels like my fingers have minds of their own.” I could’t agree more. I am one of the shy types and I haven’t had the best English education (it is not my mother tongue) but I have always wanted to write and speak well in English. Compared to speaking the language, writing in it is far easier and I love how my finger races through the white pages when I am full of thoughts. On of the soothing effects of writing! Look forward to seeing more of you in Writing101! 🙂

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      1. In some ways, definitely. Even in school I had a love for the languages, even though I loved science as much and went on to become an engineer. But writing just remained in me. More so, because unlike other hobbies writing doesn’t ask for many props. You can be any place and still write it you got a small pencil/pen.

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  3. I was a journalism major, and worked in both news reporting and PR. I’m back in PR now and while I enjoy it, I do miss the greater opportunities to write with the reporting. Good luck as you continue to pursue your career!

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  4. Am sure your dream will come true in becoming a professional new writer. Working for the public relation firm should help. I remember in college hearing that phrase am majoring in journalism/communication to avoid all the math and science classes.

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  5. as English is my 2nd language as well, I know your feeling about being nervous speaking it. At times, I do feel the same, especially when it comes to formal presentation and stuff. Writing is a lot more enjoyable! But I practiced speaking so I am now not as nervous as I usually was, now I am using this blog to improve my writing to be more refined! I hope I can and will enjoy writing – creative writing especially – as much as you do.
    Looking forward to get to know you and your writing more! 🙂

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    1. I think were both Asian, right?
      Congratulations for conquering your weakness. I am a bit more confident in speaking now. Maybe it comes with age? 😀
      I am also looking forward to read more of your thoughts! 🙂


  6. Glad to know a fellow Filipina here 🙂 I really think you are a very good writer and on your way to getting your dream. As most of us in the Philippines, it is easier to write than speak in English lol 🙂 I can’t imagine myself to be a P.R. writer so I guess you really breathe writing although I do think I can’t live without reading. I look forward to your work here and the major publications here in the Philippines.

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      1. I found another one just this morning too, so, so far we are three here lol 🙂 I’m glad to be your friend. 🙂 I think being a P.R. writer is a very challenging job but by the looks of it you are just taking it in stride 🙂

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      2. Wow. I hope to get connected to that one Filipino blogger, too! 🙂
        Nope. It is indeed a tough job. I have been absent in wordpress for more than a week last June because there are a lot of articles to do. It’s brain draining. 😀

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  7. Hi, loved your post. Good luck with your ambition of becoming a professional news writer. Thats a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. News these days has lost its charm. Everywhere it is crime and deaths. I hope you will make a difference girl. Keep up with the writing. God Bless.

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  8. Writing is like breathing with words! Wow!
    I hope you find success in writing & all your dreams come true!
    I have always hated maths myself! Guess most creative people do!
    Looking forward to more interaction!

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