BOOK READS: New Nicholas Spark’s Novel Update!

Because I just cannot contain my excitement for Nicholas Sparks upcoming new novel, I am so happy to share to you it’s freshly-voted book cover!

Here’s how Sparks launched See Me’s cover!

After tens of thousands of votes from around the world, here’s the #SeeMe cover you guys picked as the winner by a landslide! THANK YOU for being a part of this!

-Nicholas Sparks

You’re reading it right. Last Monday, Nicholas Sparks posted this in his facebook page:

Here are the options:

I am proud that I am one of those thousands who voted for the winning cover!

So there! 🙂

Are you as excited as me?

Don’t worry! October 13 is so very near! 🙂


2 thoughts on “BOOK READS: New Nicholas Spark’s Novel Update!”

    1. I do hope as well. I am also a hater of tragic ending, though Message in a Bottle is my favorite Sparks’ novel. There are some of his novels that are not tragic, though. 🙂 Like The Choice, The Rescue and The Longest Ride. ❤


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