30-Day Book Challenge: Day 22 – Least favourite plot device


Anniversaries can really make us nostalgic and sentimental. Because I am close to my blog’s first birthday, I would like to finish a book challenge that I have started last year. That is beckysblogs30-Day Book Challenge.

I have completed until Day 21 so now I’ll pick this awesome challenge at Day 22. Here it goes…

DAY 22. – Least favourite plot device employed by way too many books you actually enjoyed otherwise.

I would like to say that my least favorite plot device is the ‘love triangle’ which is used in a lot of books, may it be YA, mystery thrillers, medical or historical novels. Maybe 90% of the books that I have read have love triangles, sometimes through an ex-lover or a former crush or a childhood friend and so on…

But because that is somehow the most common answer to this question, I would opt to discuss the plot device called ‘Twist Ending’.

Twist Ending is a device wherein the novel ends in the least expected way.

This, like love triangles, are one of my least favorite plot device because most of the books that have Twist Endings have made me cry.

I enjoyed them, though, because I really love authors who can write a book that I can’t predict the ending.

Here are a few examples of the book that has twist ending, categorized in terms of the emotions that you will surely feel once these books ends.


The Vanishing Point by Val McDermid The Vanishing Point

The plot: Young Jimmy Higgins is snatched from an airport security checkpoint while his guardian watches helplessly from the glass inspection box. But this is no ordinary abduction, as Jimmy is no ordinary child. His mother was Scarlett, a reality TV star who, dying of cancer and alienated from her unreliable family, entrusted the boy to the person she believed best able to give him a happy, stable life: her ghost writer, Stephanie Harker.

The twisted ending: I’ll try not give a lot of spoilers here, though it’s really hard. But this is the kind of ending that will make out re-read the last chapters, and be like: “Wait, what?”

Defending Jacob by William Landay

Defending Jacob

The plot: Andy Barber has been an assistant district attorney in his suburban Massachusetts county for more than twenty years. He is respected in his community, tenacious in the courtroom, and happy at home with his wife, Laurie, and son, Jacob. But when a shocking crime shatters their New England town, Andy is blindsided by what happens next: His fourteen-year-old son is charged with the murder of a fellow student.

The twisted ending: Landay unveiled the real evil/suspect in this murder mystery in a very very ‘twisted’ way. It is actually creepy!


Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

Leaving Time

The plot: For over a decade, Jenna Metcalf obsesses on her vanished mom Alice. Jenna searches online, rereads journals of the scientist who studied grief among elephants. Two unlikely allies are Serenity Jones, psychic for missing people who doubts her gift, and Virgil Stanhope, jaded PI who originally investigated cases of Alice and her colleague. Hard questions and answers.

The twisted ending: This book’s ending made me a Picoult-fan. I have never ever thought of the way this book was ended. Goosies, indeed!

The First Phone Call from Heaven by Mitch Albom

The First Phone Call from Heaven

The plot: The First Phone Call from Heaven tells the story of a small town on Lake Michigan that gets worldwide attention when its citizens start receiving phone calls from the afterlife. Is it the greatest miracle ever or a massive hoax? Sully Harding, a grief-stricken single father, is determined to find out.

The twisted ending: Take note of that last phone call from ‘heaven’. You’ll surely have some goosies once you realized what just happened.


Allegiant (Divergent, #3) by Veronica Roth

Allegiant (Divergent, #3)

The plot: The faction-based society that Tris Prior once believed in is shattered – fractured by violence and power struggles and scarred by loss and betrayal. So when offered a chance to explore the world past the limits she’s known, Tris is ready. Perhaps beyond the fence, she and Tobias will find a simple new life together, free from complicated lies, tangled loyalties, and painful memories.

The twisted ending: Someone died, yes. And this is why I will never ever watch the movie version of this novel! (I still haven’t moved-on.)

At First Sight bNicholas Sparks

At First Sight (Jeremy Marsh & Lexie Darnell, #2)

The plot: There are a few things Jeremy Marsh was sure he’d never do: he’d never leave New York City; never give his heart away after barely surviving one failed marriage; and never become a parent. Now Jeremy is living in the tiny town of Boone Creek, North Carolina, engaged to Lexie Darnell, the love of his life, and anticipating the start of their family. But just as his life seems to be settling into a blissful pattern, a mysterious and disturbing e-mail sets off a chain of events that will change the course of this young couple’s relationship.

The twisted ending: This is a great example of my love-hate relationship with Spark’s sad endings. I never see the ending coming. And yes, I cried.

Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

Message in a Bottle

The plot:  For Theresa, wary of romance since her husband shattered her trust, the message inside the bottle raises questions that intrigue her. Challenged by the mystery, and driven to find Garrett by emotions she does not fully understand, Theresa begins a search that takes her to a sunlit coastal town and an unexpected confrontation. Brought together either by chance or something more powerful, Theresa and Garrett’s lives come together in a tale that resonates with our deepest hopes for finding everlasting love.

The twisted ending: As I’ve mentioned in my last post, this is the first Sparks novel that made me cry. To those who have read this, I know you know what I felt. For those who haven’t, figure it out yourselves. 🙂

That’s it guys! Please tell me your thoughts!


BLOG AWARDS: The Creative Blogger Award

I am close to my first year anniversary as a A Reading Writer and after several blog awards, I am still elated and thrilled to be nominated by Shivalika of Whimsy Journals for the CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD.

The Whimsy Journals is the awesome book blog of the modelesque lady named Shivalika. Visit her and read her reviews and book thoughts! 🙂

So, going back to the Creative Blogger Award, here are the four simple rules that we should keep in mind:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Share 5 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate some bloggers in return and notify them about their nomination.
  • Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do.

Now it’s my turn to tell you guys some Five Facts About Me. Here they are

1. I have a big family, big in number and size. (laughs)

I am the eldest among six children and yeah, my dad, my mom, my sister and I are all literally big. 😀

2. I am in a relationship for almost five years now. (blushes)

This is actually the first time that I am sharing this fact about me! 🙂

3. You all know that I am a book lover and Nicholas Sparks and Mitch Albom are my favorite authors, so now I want to share to you that I am a librocubicularist.

I mostly read at night after work as reading is my form of relaxation. 🙂

4. I am a coffee-and-cheesecake person!

Because I am really used to like the uncommon favorites, I like coffee more than tea (I don’t even drink tea, actually) and I love cheesecakes more than any cake variety.

5. Because you all know that I am a music lover and Jason Mraz and Sara Bareilles are my favorite artists, I now want to share to you that I am an Anne-Hathaway-fan.

I just fell in love with her in Princess Diaries I and II and she made me cry in One Day and she made me laugh and cry with Love and Other Drugs.

Oh, let’s not forget that she top-billed the movie version of Les Miserables! She won a looot of acting awards for her role Fantine!

I’m done!

Now it’s your turn my dear CREATIVE bloggers!

Spread the blog love!

Top 10 List: The Best Novels of Nicholas Sparks (Part II)

Top 10.jpg

As promised, here are the great Nicholas Sparks novels that will complete my Top 10 list!

Just like my last post, I included in here the main story of the novels, the reason why they are special to me, the awesome trivia based on Nicholas Spark’s website and Goodreads and the heartfelt quotes from each stories.

Read on and see if your bets have made it! 😀

Here they are:

  1. At First Sight (Jeremy Marsh & Lexie Darnell, #2)

At First Sight (Jeremy Marsh & Lexie Darnell, #2)

What is it about?

This is the story of endings and beginnings, tragedies and joys and doubts and love between Jeremy Marsh & Lexie Darnell and the family that they try build.

What makes it special?

Like The Wedding, I also read At First Sight first before I was able to read its prequel, True Believer. So I have no background knowledge of Jeremy and Lexie’s beginning as a couple.

On the other hand, this story can stand on its own and it is special to me because of its ending that really made me cry. This book is the 3rd Sparks’ novel that really made me cry. Really.

Did You Know?

  • Lexie is named after Nicholas Sparks’ youngest child.
  • Though At First Sight is not based specifically on someone close to Sparks, Lexie’s character and her pregnancy are modeled after Spark’s wife Cathy and Jeremy somehow resembles Sparks’ brother, Michael Earl and to him as well.
  • A real Cedar Grove Cemetery in New Bern, North Carolina was used as the model of the cemetery in the two Lexie and Jeremy novels.
  • The idea of At First Sight came on a cloudy afternoon in late January, when Sparks editor had suggested a revision of True Believer’s ending.

Have you read?

  1. The Notebook

The Notebook

What is it about?

Do I have to tell what this is about? 😀 This is the most-loved story written by Nicholas Sparks. With Noah and Allie Calhoun’s story of enduring love, Sparks has captured a lot of readers.

What makes it special?

As I have said, I have read a looot of Sparks book already before I got to read Noah and Allie’s story. But that doesn’t make The Notebook any less special.

This novel is indeed one of the best debut novel ever written.

Did You Know?

  • Noah and Allie Calhoun’s story is inspired by Sparks’ wife’s grandparents who have been married and remained together for 60 years.
  • Although some parts of Noah and Allie’s story happened to Cathy’s grandparents, some parts don’t. Thus, Sparks clearly say that The Notebook is not a memoir.
  • This is Nicholas Sparks’ first ever published novel.
  • This book gave Nicholas his life’s first 1 million after he signed with his editor, Theresa Park.
  • The Notebook was written after The Passing and The Royal Murders, which were not published.

Have you read?

  1. The Longest Ride

The Longest Ride

What is it about?

This is about the two  couples, Ira and Ruth and Luke and Sophia, set with different circumstances and set in different time yet will unexpectedly converge through twists of fate.

What makes it special?

The Longest Ride is the first ever Nicholas Sparks book that had me crying even in the first few chapters. Ira’s letters to Ruth are just so heartfelt and they’re sad but definitely sweet.

Did You Know?

  • The inspiration of The Longest Ride is the Black Mountain College, a liberal arts school in North Carolina.
  • Black Mountain College served as the honeymoon destination of the old couple, Ira and Ruth. It is where Ira bought six paintings for Ruth, who is an art enthusiast.
  • Sparks created the story of a new couple, Luke and Sophia, to balance Ira and Ruth’s enduring love.
  • While Luke is a professional bull rider, Sparks has never been to a Professional Bull Riding event.
  • A film adaptation for The Longest Ride has been released just last April 10 starring Britt Robertson, Scott Eastwood, Jack Huston, Oona Chaplin, and Alan Alda.

Have you read?

  1. Nights in Rodanthe

Nights in Rodanthe

What is it about?

This is a short yet strongly emotional love story of Paul Flanner, a divorced father and surgeon and Adrienne, a 45-year old divorced mother, in a community of North Carolina called Rodanthe.

What makes it special?

Because the characters are at their mid-old ages already, I quite didn’t expect that this book will really affect me. I consider Paul and Adrienne’s story special because this is the second Sparks book that made me cry, a lot actually.

I cannot forget how I finished this book in just one night and at 3 in the morning I was silently crying and I really can’t stop the tears because of Paul and Adrienne. 😦

Did You Know?

  • Paul and Adrienne’s names came from Spark’s in-laws. His in-laws have requested a book with their names as a Christmas gift from their son-in-law.
  • Paul’s last name, Flanner, was the name of Sparks’ dorm in college while Adrienne’s last name, Willis, came from someone Sparks know.
  • The names of Paul and Adrienne’s children are from Sparks’ cousins.
  • Rodanthe is described accurately in the novel. There is no inn on Rodanthe’s seaside, though.
  • Some parts of Paul and Adrienne’s story really happened to Nicholas and his wife Cathy. First, they both met on Spring break and they both went to a small town to take some break.
  • Like Paul and Adrienne, Nicholas and Cathy were both Catholic and middle children with an older brother and a younger sister. Both of their parents are celebrated their anniversaries on August 31.
  • Like Paul and Adrienne, Nicholas and Cathy were also together for only five days. The couples also write letters and call each other when they were apart.
  • Some of the letters quoted in the book are really from Nicholas’ letters sent to Cathy.

Have you read?

The greater the love the greater the tragedy when its over

  1. Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

What is it about?

A story of finding love after grief, Message in a Bottle is a novel about Theresa Osborne, a divorced mother and a columnist who found a bottle in the beach containing a love letter from Garrett Blake to his deceased wife, Catherine.

What makes it special?

Message in a Bottle is the first Sparks novel that made me cry. The ending, especially Theresa and Garrett’s father’s conversation is just so hard to read.

This novel is also special for me because like Theresa, I am also a writer. Also, I loved Garrett’s character. His letters are just so endearing and touching to read. And actually, words are my language of love, so I have actually prayed for a real life Garrett. ❤

Did You Know?

  • The novel was inspired by Spark’s father, Patrick Michael Sparks.
  • Like Garrett, Patrick was devastated when his wife Jill Emma Marie Sparks died of cerebral hemorrhage after a fatal fall out of the horse saddle. Patrick mourned for his wife for four years and cut all interactions with the world even with his children.
  • After seven years, Patrick like Garrett was able to found love again. Their endings are the same as well… (I won’t say it!)
  • Theresa Osborne was named after Spark’s agent, Theresa Park.
  • The novel was sold to Warner Brothers when it was only half complete.
  • The first draft of the screenplay was finished on the same day the novel was finished.

Have you read?

BONUS: Three Weeks With My Brother

Three Weeks With My Brother

What is it about?

In this novel, Nicholas and his brother Michael ‘Micah’ Sparks told their memorable trip together as well as their shared family and brotherhood tales.

What makes it special?

I included this book in this list as a bonus because I think most of Sparks fans have not read this book yet. So I am here to say that this is a great read!

There are chapters that is really amusing, especially during Micah and Nicholas’s childhood and there are chapters that can make you cry, like when their mom suddenly died and then their only sister died and when their dad died as well. Nicholas’ way of narrating his and his brother’s feeling towards those deaths are just so heartbreaking.

Did You Know?

  • The brothers’ trip around the world was part of a Notre Dame alumni package.
  • Nicholas and Micah’s favorite part of their three-week trip is the Machu Pichhu in Peru. Sparks said “The site was overwhelming.”
  • The least place that they would want to be back again is India, for Micha and Norway, for Nicholas as they were not able to see the famous northern lights.
  • During the trip, Nicholas got sick for eight hours after eating in Cambodia.
  • Nicholas and Micah Sparks wrote the book together from separate coasts by talking on the phone and faxing drafts back and forth.

Have you read?

That’s it!

Do we share the same thoughts? Please let me know on the comment box. 😉


Top 10 List: The Best Novels of Nicholas Sparks (Part 1)

Top 10.jpg After I shared with you the great news about Nicholas Sparks’ new novel, See Me, I have received some equally thrilled comments! (I’m just glad that a loooot of readers love Sparks.) So now, I am sharing with you my most loved stories from my my ultimate favorite author. Because all these books are great and I have commended Sparks writing for a looot of times already, I will just share the book’s main story and it’s ‘sentimental’ value for me along with  some awesome trivia about the book and of course, the best quotes from each story.

  1. A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember What is it about? This is a sad yet cute story about Jamie Sullivan, a quiet girl who always carried a Bible with her schoolbooks and the only daughter of the town’s Baptist minister and Landon Carter, a rich boy who considers Jamie as the last person in town he thought he’d fall for. What makes it special? This book has a sentimental value for me as it is the first Nicholas Sparks book that I have read, back in May 2012. Did You Know?

  • The title A Walk to Remember was taken from one of the tail end pages of the novel: “In every way, a walk to remember.”
  • The novel was inspired by Danielle Sparks Lewis, Nicholas’s sister who died of cancer in June 2000. Danielle, like Jamie was never popular at school, always wore an ugly sweater and  always carried the Bible around with her everywhere she went.
  • Just like Landon, Danielle’s husband also proposed to her despite her sickness.
  • Jamie was named after Nicholas’s editor, Jamie Raab.
  • Landon is the name of Nicholas’ third son.
  • Nicholas Sparks recorded his own reading for the audio version of the novel.

Have you read?

  1. The Rescue

The Rescue What is it about? This is about the life and love struggles of Denise Holton, a young mom to a four-year-old son named Kyle, a boy with severe learning disabilities and for whom she has sacrificed everything, and Taylor McAden, a volunteer firemen who has ‘rescued’ women but left them once they need no rescue any more. What makes it special? This is the first Nicholas Sparks book that my dearest have bought for me. ❤ I also shared this book to my friend who’s also a single mom like Denise and I’m glad that it gave her hope for finding love again. Did You Know?

  • Denise’s son Kyle is inspired by Nicholas’ own son Ryan. Like Kyle, Ryan was diagnosed with a severe learning disability when he was still a toddler.
  • Like Denise, Nicholas really have a chair where he strapped Ryan during their learning sessions.
  • In the process of writing this novel, Nicholas struggled with severe writer’s block.
  • The Rescue was the first novel by Nicholas Sparks to debut at # 1 on the New York Times bestseller List
  • The main character, Denise, was named after the producer of the film versions of Message in a Bottle and A Walk to Remember.

Have you read?

  1. Safe Haven

Safe HavenWhat is it about? This is a romantic thriller about how Katie, a mysterious young woman with a dark past,  put her guards down and let herself try to find her safe haven with Alex, a widowed store owner with a kind heart and two young children. What makes it special? It was 2012 when I first read a Sparks novel but it was Safe Haven who made me a certified Sparks fan. After I have read Katie and Alex story, I have fallen in love with Sparks storytelling skills. From then on, I started my goal of reading all his books. Did You Know?

  • Nicholas Sparks’ main idea in Safe Haven is to surprise his readers. He achieved it through injecting ‘danger’ into the main plot of the story as it is not usual for him to have such content on his novels.
  • Safe Haven was made into a movie in 2013 starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel.

Have you read?

  1. The Choice

The Choice What is it about? This is a story of choice between Travis Parker a man with a good job, loyal friends, even a waterfront home in small-town North Carolina and his red-head new neighbor with a long time boyfriend, Gabby Holland. What makes it special? This is the first Sparks novel that I have read that the story has spanned through time. The last chapters showed the bitter and sweet reality of life after finding love and choosing who you want to spend your life with. It was melancholic yet endearing at the same time. Did You Know?

  • The Choice is written in ‘parallel’ of Sparks’ biggest hit, The Notebook. He tried to capture the ‘magic’ of The Notebook through the parallel, not the same, obstacles that kept Travis and Gabby apart.
  • This novel’s movie version will be released on February 06 next year starring Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer.

Have you read?

  1. The Wedding

The Wedding (The Notebook, #2) What is it about? This is the story of how Wilson Lewis win back the love of his wife of thirty years, Jane, daughter Allie and Noah Calhoun (of The Notebook). What makes it special? I don’t know why but I haven’t read The Notebook yet when I read The Wedding. Thus, I have no comparison yet between Wilson and Jane’s story and Allie and Noah’s. On the other hand, this story is the most ‘kilig’ (sweetest) Sparks novel ever for me. It is just so delightful to know that  love can be revived even after decades of marriage. Did You Know?

  • The Wedding is Sparks’ way of letting his readers and himself revisit his most loved pair, Noah and Allie of The Notebook.
  • Sparks’ focus in The Wedding is love and renewal. Unlike other authors who have written about couples who drifted apart because of adultery, Sparks refused including such in his novel.
  • It was 2000 when Sparks have started writing a love and renewal novel and after 175 pages, he ditched it and write A Bend in the Road. He was able to finish The Wedding on 2002.
  • The Wedding was inspired by a few unnamed couples that Sparks knows well.

Have you read? That’s it for the first half of my version of Sparks’ top 10 novels! What are you bets for the top 5 spots? I’d like to know, so please write some comments! 😀 Disclaimer: I don’t own any photos and the book trivia are from Nicholas Spark’s website and Goodreads. 😀 ~

BOOK READS: A Review of The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold


A creepy yet moving tearjerker.

As I said in my recent 2015 Reading Challenge update, The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold  deserves a full-length review, which I haven’t done for quite some time now.

So let me tell you why for the first time in months, I have decided to find some time to write a review for this novel.

The Lovely Bones

Genre: Adult Fiction, Supernatural Thriller

Published: 2002

Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 (MUST MUST! READ)


Susie Salmon, a teenager, was raped and murdered one December afternoon on her way home from school. From her point of view from heaven, Susie described how the murderer lured her into an underground hiding place where she was gruesomely killed.

For years, her murdered body was left undiscovered, but Susie in heaven continuously watched how her family was left clueless and destroyed by her untimely disappearance and unknown tragic death.

Susie Salmon saw her grieving family drift apart from each other as her killer was left unpunished. How will their lovely bones find peace and closure?


Emotional. Unique. Compelling. Moving.

I think there are no words that can explain how this book has affected me. My heart is still aching as I write that short story summary. That’s how Alice Sebold has written such a special book.

As an avid crime novels fan, a gruesome death is nothing new to me. I have read far worst murders compared to Susie Salmon’s case. But The Lovely Bones is the first ever mystery novel that I read that was told in the victim’s perspective. And that made this story unique and emotionally moving.

The first pages vividly described the crime and well as Susie’s life and the people that surrounded her when she was still alive. Sebold’s way of introducing the characters though Susie’s perspective is simple yet cohesive. Thus, you will be lost in the story.

Susie’s story is also relatable. This makes her murder and her journey more compelling to read. Though there are scenes that I don’t think is necessary, I still think that Sebold deserves praises.

Piece by piece, the novel’s ‘bones’ have gradually fall back to its places and created a story that will leave the readers a book hangover.



The book started with a tragedy, but it ended with peace.  Sebold ingeniously showed how time can put back the destroyed bones of one’s life.


BOOK READS: Upcoming books from Nicholas Sparks and Mitch Albom!

Nicholas Sparks and Mitch Albom fans out there, listen up!

2015’s last quarter will be the best part of this year as my ultimate favorite scribblers will release their newest books before this year ends! (i’m so happppppppy!)

So here are the details!

Mitch Albom first announced his new book titled The Magic String of Frankie Presto! This will be out on November 15. 🙂

Here’s what it is all about:

The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto is the epic story of a fictional icon – the greatest guitar player to ever walk the earth —and the six lives he changed with six magical blue strings.

In Albom’s most original and sweeping novel to date, the voice of music itself narrates the story of its beloved disciple, young Frankie Presto, born in a burning church, abandoned as an infant, and raised by a blind music teacher in a small Spanish town. War rips his life apart, and at nine years old, Frankie is sent to America in the bottom of a boat. His only possession is an old guitar and six precious strings.

But Frankie’s talent is touched by the gods, and his amazing journey weaves him through the musical landscape of the twentieth century, from classical to jazz to rock and roll, with his stunning playing and singing affecting numerous stars along the way, including Duke Ellington, Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Tony Bennett, Carole King, Wynton Marsalis and KISS.

Frankie, briefly, becomes a pop star himself. He makes records. He is adored. But his gift is also his burden, as he realizes the power of the strings his teacher gave him, and how, through his music, he can actually affect people’s lives – with one of his six strings turning blue whenever a life is altered.

At the height of his popularity, tortured by his biggest mistake, Frankie Presto vanishes. His legend grows. Only decades later, having finally healed his heart, does Frankie reappear—just before his spectacular death—to change one last life.

A lifelong musician, Mitch Albom’s passion for the subject shines through on every page. With its Forest Gump-like romp through decades of actual music, The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto is a classic in the making. Heartrending and inventive, Albom’s latest novel is infused with the thematic message that “everyone joins a band in this life” and those connections have the power to change us all.

Just last week, I almost cried when I read in my Facebook wall the news from Nicholas Sparks himself!

happy animated GIF

It is almost more than a year when I last read his story, The Longest Ride and I am happy to share to you the news about his upcoming book, See Me!

There’s no cover page yet, though this book will be released on October 13!

Here’s the story:

Colin Hancock is giving his second chance his best shot.  With a history of violence and bad decisions behind him and the threat of prison dogging his every step, he’s determined to walk a straight line.  To Colin, that means applying himself single-mindedly toward his teaching degree and avoiding everything that proved destructive in his earlier life.  Reminding himself daily of his hard-earned lessons, the last thing he is looking for is a serious relationship.

Maria Sanchez, the hardworking daughter of Mexican immigrants, is the picture of conventional success: with a degree from Duke Law School and a job at a prestigious firm in Wilmington, she is a dark-haired beauty with a seemingly flawless professional track record.  And yet Maria has a traumatic history of her own, one that compelled her to return to her home town and left her questioning so much of what she once believed.

A chance encounter on a rainswept road will alter the course of both Colin and Maria’s lives, challenging deeply held assumptions about each other and ultimately, themselves.  As love unexpectedly takes hold between them, they dare to envision what a future together could possibly look like . . . until menacing reminders of events in Maria’s past begin to surface.

As a series of threatening incidents wreaks chaos in Maria’s life, Maria and Colin will be tested in increasingly terrifying ways.  Will demons from their past destroy the tenuous relationship they’ve begun to build, or will their love protect them, even in the darkest hour?

Rich in emotion and fueled with suspense, See Me reminds us that love is sometimes forged in the crises that threaten to shatter us . . . and that those who see us for who we truly are may not always be the ones easiest to recognize.

So… last quarter’s just the best time of this year!!!

2015 Reading Challenge Super Update Part 5 (29th to 31st)

Picture2Reading has proven to be my fortress when I’m stressed. 🙂 I am so glad to share to you another update of my 2015 Reading Challenge!

Read on!

A popular author’s first book (29th) – You by Caroline Kepnes You (You, #1) I am not quite sure if every reader will consider Caroline Kepnes a ‘popular’ author yet but I am sure that her debut novel was good. It is actually crazy good, take that literally. You is a story of love, a crazy love full of obsession and deceit. It is creepy and engrossing at the same time.

A book with magic (30th) – Never Never: Part Two (Never Never, #2) by Colleen Hoover  and Tarryn Fisher

Never Never: Part Two (Never Never, #2) “Wide-awake until over 12 midnight and then there’s no more page to read!” This is how frustrated I am because I really wanted to know what happened to Silas and Charlie! While this book’s part 1 is still better that this novel, Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher undeniably written a very interesting sequel that readers will finish  in just one seating. I just can’t wait for the third part!

A book that made you cry (31st) – The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold The Lovely Bones This book deserves a full-length review. So I will surely find time to share my thoughts about this tearjerker soon! That would be all for now! Happy reading! ~

2015 Reading Challenge Super Update Part 4 (26th to 28th)


2015’s first half is now officially over so it is now time to give an update on my 2015 Reading Challenge.

Last month has been so busy but thankfully I was able to a few good books. Here are they:

A mystery (26th) –  The Vanishing Point by Val McDermid

The Vanishing Point

I never realized that I missed reading an awesome murder mystery novel until I read this book. I will definitely read another Val McDermid novel!

A book set somewhere you’ve wanted to visit (27th) – Tongue by  Kyung-ran Jo


Ever since I was in elementary, it is my dream to visit South Korea. It is because my first celebrity crush is a Korean actor named Bae Yong Joon! (blushes)

Isn’t he handsome! 🙂

Because of his Koreanovela Endless Love Winter Sonata, I have fallen in love to South Korea’s culture and picturesque views. I specifically wanted to visit Nami Island where the TV drama was shot.

I haven’t been able to make this dream come true yet but I know someday I will.

A book from your childhood (28th) – The Heir by Kiera Cass

The Heir (The Selection, #4)

I am a proud product of public schools and because I studied in a public school, I cannot remember any book from my childhood because my school have no library back then.

So why did I picked The Heir? It is because fairytales are the stories that I constantly hear when I am growing up. 🙂

Now, what can I say about this book? I am disappointed.

This is not what I am expecting from Kiera Cass who has written a trilogy that left me awake until 5 in the morning because I finished it in just one night.

So there…

I’ll have more updates soon!


More Happy Than Not Book Tag


Hi guys! I am TAGGED again! This time, this book tag is from the lovely LovingYooChun of Bookland!

Honestly, I am a bit clueless on what this tag is all about. But according to Loving Yoo Chun’s blog entry, this tag was created by Shelumiel of Bookish and Awesome.

The idea though is based on a new book called More Happy Than Not by a new novelist named Adam Silvera. I checked out his profile and oh, he’s cute! (giggles)

More Happy Than Not

So basically, this tag wanted bloggers to share what makes them happy and how they express their happiness.

In terms of rule, there are three simple rules:

  1. Answer the question, “What makes you more happy than not?”
  2. Thanks and link back this post to the person who tagged you.
  3. Have FUN!

So now it’s my turn to have some fun so here are my answers:


  • I read a good book, especially written by my ultimate faves Nicholas Sparks and Mitch Albom!

  • I sip a great tasting coffee.
I own this photo. 😀
  • I indulge into a decadent and oh-so-heavenly cheesecake!
I own this photo. 🙂
  • I listen to my awesome favorite singers/songwriters, like Jason Mraz and Sara Bairelles!

  • I travel with my bestest friends.
I own this photo. 🙂
I own this photo. 🙂
  • I spend precious time with my whole fambam!

Now, it’s your turn to have some fun: