30-Day Book Challenge: Day 22 – Least favourite plot device

Anniversaries can really make us nostalgic and sentimental. Because I am close to my blog’s first birthday, I would like to finish a book challenge that I have started last year. That is beckysblogs’ 30-Day Book Challenge. I have completed until Day 21 so now I’ll pick this awesome challenge at Day 22. Here it […]

BLOG AWARDS: The Creative Blogger Award

I am close to my first year anniversary as a A Reading Writer and after several blog awards, I am still elated and thrilled to be nominated by Shivalika of Whimsy Journals for the CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD. The Whimsy Journals is the awesome book blog of the modelesque lady named Shivalika. Visit her and read […]

Top 10 List: The Best Novels of Nicholas Sparks (Part II)

As promised, here are the great Nicholas Sparks novels that will complete my Top 10 list! Just like my last post, I included in here the main story of the novels, the reason why they are special to me, the awesome trivia based on Nicholas Spark’s website and Goodreads and the heartfelt quotes from each stories. […]

Top 10 List: The Best Novels of Nicholas Sparks (Part 1)

After I shared with you the great news about Nicholas Sparks’ new novel, See Me, I have received some equally thrilled comments! (I’m just glad that a loooot of readers love Sparks.) So now, I am sharing with you my most loved stories from my my ultimate favorite author. Because all these books are great […]

BOOK READS: A Review of The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

A creepy yet moving tearjerker. As I said in my recent 2015 Reading Challenge update, The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold  deserves a full-length review, which I haven’t done for quite some time now. So let me tell you why for the first time in months, I have decided to find some time to write a review […]

BOOK READS: Upcoming books from Nicholas Sparks and Mitch Albom!

Nicholas Sparks and Mitch Albom fans out there, listen up! 2015’s last quarter will be the best part of this year as my ultimate favorite scribblers will release their newest books before this year ends! (i’m so happppppppy!) So here are the details! Mitch Albom first announced his new book titled The Magic String of Frankie Presto! […]

2015 Reading Challenge Super Update Part 5 (29th to 31st)

Reading has proven to be my fortress when I’m stressed. 🙂 I am so glad to share to you another update of my 2015 Reading Challenge! Read on! A popular author’s first book (29th) – You by Caroline Kepnes I am not quite sure if every reader will consider Caroline Kepnes a ‘popular’ author yet […]

2015 Reading Challenge Super Update Part 4 (26th to 28th)

2015’s first half is now officially over so it is now time to give an update on my 2015 Reading Challenge. Last month has been so busy but thankfully I was able to a few good books. Here are they: A mystery (26th) –  The Vanishing Point by Val McDermid I never realized that I […]

More Happy Than Not Book Tag

Hi guys! I am TAGGED again! This time, this book tag is from the lovely LovingYooChun of Bookland! Honestly, I am a bit clueless on what this tag is all about. But according to Loving Yoo Chun’s blog entry, this tag was created by Shelumiel of Bookish and Awesome. The idea though is based on […]