2015 Reading Challenge Update: A BOOK WITH A NUMBER ON ITS TITLE (10/50)


After reading a lot of YA novels, I took a break and started reading the book listed in my 2015 Reading Challenge’s a book with a number on its title. What’s funny is among the 50 categories in this challenge, this is the category that I easily filled up.

1st to Die (Women’s Murder Club, #1) has been in my TBR list since last year. In fact I have included up to the 11th book of this James Patterson‘s crime novel series. And finally, because of this challenge, I was able to start reading this awesome book collection!

1st to Die (Women's Murder Club, #1)

Genre: Crime Mystery

Published: March 2000

This book has all the reason why I become a fan of James Patterson. It is creepily gross and this is why the story is so engrossing and thrilling at the same time.

Three morbid murders of newlyweds in their honeymoon. Who would not find that creepy?

What I like best is how the story unfolds. Patterson was able to keep me guessing who the psychopath is and just when I thought I figure it all out, it appears that I am wrong yet right.

Confusing? Read it.


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