DAY Nineteen


This is the question that I have been waiting for, for quite some time now. So here’s the question for Day 19 of 30 Day Book Challenge.

19. Favorite author.

If you are already a follower, you probably know what’s my answer to this question because I am quite very vocal about it. I have been reading ‘full-time’ for almost two years and I have two great love authors. They are Nicholas Sparks and Mitch Albom.

Nicholas SparksMitch Albom

Why do I love them that much?

It is just because, all their novels have a HEART. That’s all. No mysteries, no fantasies, no magic, just plain reality that tugs the heart in a very special way. That in itself makes them both special.

Don’t get me wrong guys, I love mystery and crime and I am a fan of James Patterson as well but these two lads are just my most cherished novelists.

These great writers do not write the same genre. Sparks is a romance writer while Albom is a philosophical and fiction writer.  But there is a huge similarity in their writing style that made me love them this much.

I am proud to say that I have finished all their novels! Yay! 😀 Please try and read their novels as well.

Here’s the list:

Nicholas Sparks' books.
Nicholas Sparks’ books.

Nicholas Sparks:

The Notebook

A Walk to Remember 

The Last Song 

Dear John 

The Lucky One 

Safe Haven 

Message in a Bottle 

The Rescue 

The Guardian 

The Wedding 

Nights in Rodanthe 

A Bend in the Road 

The Choice 

The Best of Me 

True Believer (Jeremy Marsh & Lexie Darnell, #1) 

At First Sight (Jeremy Marsh & Lexie Darnell, #2) 

The Longest Ride 

Three Weeks With My Brother 

Mitch Albom's books.
Mitch Albom’s books.

Mitch Albom:

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

The Time Keeper

Tuesdays with Morrie

Have a Little Faith: a True Story

The First Phone Call from Heaven

For One More Day

3 thoughts on “DAY Nineteen”

    1. Three Weeks is his only non-fiction. I though it won’t be good but it is such an awesome book! You’ve got to know him as a person and not just a novelists. So I recommend that you read that book as well. 🙂
      Oh yeah! Albom’s the best!

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