Daily Prompt: Ending Agony

Agony and Ecstasy by Paul Lovering Photo from fineartamerica.com
Agony and Ecstasy by Paul Lovering
Photo from fineartamerica.com

As a journalism graduate, I was used to my professors critiquing my work. But I was still shocked with the way my trainer criticized my writing skills during my on-the-job training.

Years after that two-month internship, the harsh and heartbreaking comments that he has given me is still vivid in my memory. As an experienced writer of a national broadsheet in our country, he has all the right to say that my work is crap. But still, I was hurt during those times.

Despite all my heartaches, I can say that he is the reason why I become a better writer. He has taught me even the simplest grammar rules. He has showed me how to be keen in every detail and every word that I will use in my article.

I cannot say that I am as good as him in terms of writing, but I can say that after that stint, I become a better writer. Without him, maybe I am still a ‘pretending writer’ until now. I have learned through him that writing is a process that you cannot do alone. No matter how experienced you think you are, you can never be a perfect scribbler.

His harsh comments definitely made me a better writer. Because of him, though my realization was way too late, I have come to accept and embrace any criticism.

So for the Blogging 101’s topic for today, my answer is I prefer brutally honest comments over ‘soft pinches’.

In my first post, Agony, I have mentioned that I have been so afraid to be critiqued. Because of this, I have not engaged in any kind of blogging. It took me six years before I come out of my fortress and be ready to face any kind of comment that this blogosphere has for me.

When I started this blog, I readied myself against Grammar Nazis and critiques. On the other hand, I have not received any harsh comments yet but I want to say that honest, constructive comments are more than welcome.

With more than a month as a blogger, I have learned that all my fears are just non-sense. I have been nominated by equally awesome bloggers in Liebster and One Lovely Blog awards. I have known writers and readers that I can share my views and opinions. And I have come to learn and to know more about myself. These are enough proofs that writing has greater perks than cons.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Surely, ending my agony is a risk worth taking.

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Ending Agony”

  1. Some long years ago, I experienced similar writing criticism from two senior staff members at an agency where I worked. Unknowingly, they had different opinions of the best way to approach a piece of writing – which contradicted each other to some extent. While I found it baffling and unsettling, what I learned was to trust my own skills and to know that every writer approaches a task with a different perspective, and a different voice. And that backing yourself is well worth the risk.
    Great blog. Worth the risk.


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