DAY Seventeen


This is the question for Day 17 of 30 Day Book Challenge.

17. Author you wish people would read more.

I want to say people should read more of Nicholas Sparks and Mitch Albom books but I think there are thousands or millions of people who have been reading their books already. The fact that most of their novels have been turned to movies is enough evidence that their books are widely read.

So for this question, I would say that I hope more people would read more of Joel Osteen’s books.

It is not a secret that I am a Christian but suggesting Osteen’s books is way beyond this fact. It is not religion that made me think of him as someone who people should read about. It is how his words can affect and improve one’s life.

Though there is the God aspect in his books, it is not the sole topic that he talks about. He speaks about relationships, family, money, dreams and anything that is essential for human’s life.

His wise words can definitely move you and encourage you when you’re going through some tough times.



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