DAY Fifteen


I am halfway now in the 30 Day Book Challenge! Yikes! Here’s the question:

15. A character who you can relate to the most.

I think I will give two characters because there are two ladies from the novel that I can relate to.

First is Mia of If I Stay. I can relate to her because I am an elder sister as well. Our difference is that she only has one sibling, her baby brother. While, on the other hand, I have five younger siblings. But we are the same on how we love our siblings.

As the eldest among the family, I have assumed the responsibility to be a role model to my sisters and brother. But aside from that, I can say that my main task is to love them.

I relate to Mia a lot because one of my siblings, actually our youngest which is Nicole, had a near death experience when she was a baby. Nicole is a premature baby and she spent one week inside the hospital. We all thought that she will die; my mom and dad had accepted it. But I don’t. I asked for her life.

Now, anytime that she is sick I can’t get rid of the fears of her not being able to grow up, or not being able to experience this and that. Mia voiced out my fears. That is why I really cried when I was reading that part. Mia and I are both loving sisters.

Lastly, I can relate to Ronnie of Nicholas Sparks’ The Last Song. We are both stubborn daughter. Though my parents are not separated like hers, my father and I had some clash during my teen-age years. I felt like he’s over protective and this and that. But in this age, I have come to realize that he just loves me a lot.

I can say that my dad is like Steve. He loves us a lot. Like Steve, my dad had so many near death experiences. Now, our current problem is his blood pressure. Despite that reality, I can say that I am blessed, because my dad is still with me. Like Ronnie, I love my dad a lot.

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