Woah! I thought I will not be able to blog today. Luckily I am able to have some free short time.

So here is beckysblogs‘ 30 Day Book Challenge’s question for Day 10.

10. A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving it.

Oh! That will be the Twilight  series by Stephenie Meyer.

I am not really fan of vamps and witches and all those supernatural creatures. My niche is really on realistic romance, philosophical fictions and crime mysteries. That is why I really have no interest on reading Twilight, which back then was really creating endless buzz.

Until my friend Ericka, asked me and my boyfriend to accompany her and her boyfriend on their movie date. They would like to watch Eclipse. I have no choice so I go. I watched Twilight and New Moon first so I will not look like a fool while watching the series’ third installment. After I watched Eclipse, I liked the story but still, I am not really crazy about it yet.

It was when I watched the Breaking Dawn part 2 when I was really awe-struck on how well the screenplay was written. Because of that movie, I have decided to read the book.

That is a decision that I will never ever regret!


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