DAY Nine

I’m back!

Here is the 30 Day Book Challenge’s Day 9 question.

  1. Most Overrated book

This is an easy question because recently, I have been hugely disappointed by a book that has so many good reviews about. I’m talking about the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld,.

At first, the story’s premise is really unique and interesting. Actually I almost liked the first book and I have read it for almost two nights only.

The ending though is a bit contradictory to its entire plot but still I decided to try the next book, which is the Pretties. This is a decision that I soon regret because it was really a waste of time. The story just got worse.

What I really loathe about this novel is the main character itself, Tally. She changes her mind as soon as she changes her clothes. That is the impression that her character has given me.

Unlike the heroines of dystopia novels who lived up to their principles and goals, Tally seems to just go with the flow. Sometimes her personality is strong, sometimes she’s not. She’s just so indecisive. So I just don’t like her.

After I have finished Pretties, I have abandoned the series and I will not continue it ever.

(Sorry I’m a bit harsh but it is really disappointing.)


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