DAY Eight


Now I am back on track so here’s the question for the 8th day of beckysblogs‘ 30 Day Book Challenge.

  1. Most underrated book.

My answer will be based on the books that I have read already. This question is a bit hard and I consulted my Goodreads account to look for an answer.

As what the data have shown, Paulo Coelho’s books are quite the most underrated books in my Read list. I can understand why.

Paulo Coelho's books
Paulo Coelho’s books

Coelho’s books are mostly about faith and principles in life. As what I have said in my book review for his ‘Veronika Decides to Die’ novel, Coelho discusses realistic topics that are sometimes funny but are always true. There is absence of thrilling mystery or innovative dystopian aspects that are common in modern novels nowadays. Also, Coelho’s novels are mostly deep and full of sense.

Maybe this is why his novels are rated a bit lower as compared to Young Adult books with dystopia themes.

Although for me, I like almost all his works. Though sometimes it a bit too deep and hard to understand but the wise words and the way he discussed the realities of life are enough reasons for me to keep on reading his works.

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