DAY Five


Here’s the Day 5 question of beckysblogs‘ 30 Day Book Challenge:

  1. Your comfort book.

My 30 Day Book Challenge banner has my answer for this question. Because my comfort booksss.. are all the novels of my favorite authors, Nicholas Sparks  and Mitch Albom .

Nicholas Sparks' books.
Nicholas Sparks’ books.

I can now proudly say that I have read all Sparks’ book after I finished The Last Song. (You can read my review here:

Mitch Albom's books.
Mitch Albom’s books.

Now, I am reading For One More Day, the last Albom book that I have not finished yet.

Why Sparks and Albom’s novels are my comfort book?

It is because they are both master of their craft. Sparks and Albom both talks about love, lost, faith and redemption. They are both very good story tellers that can create relatable and realistic characters. They also don’t need too many hyperboles, too many futuristic views and anything that’s too much. They can keep their stories short and simple yet moving.

Lastly, I love them both because they are both factories of wise words. Their books are full of life, love, and faith principles that anyone can relate to. And there is no Sparks or Albom book that did not move me or leave me haunted.

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