1. Favorite Side Characters

Here are my favorite side characters:

With the novels that I have already read, I come to love most of the side characters. In my recent read, If I Stay (If I Stay, #1) by Gayle Forman , I really love Mia’s grandfather, Gramps. Though he has limited scenes, his moments are definitely one of the most emotional parts of the book. I am brought close to tears when he talked to Mia’s comatose body and told her that he will understand if Mia will choose to die.

Alice Cullen is also one of my favorites and I really want to be like here. Her power is just so awesome! I will not forget hey key scene in Breaking Dawn (Twilight, #4) part 2. I also think Ashley Greene has perfectly portrayed the composed, loving and brave aura of Alice. Her look and her acting are just perfect!

Hegbert Sullivan of Nicholas Sparks‘ A Walk to Remember is another character that I have come to love. He is Jamie’s father and the town’s church minister. Landon, Jamie’s love interest, with the other teens hated Hegbert because he is ‘crabby’ yet to Jamie her father has a good sense of humor. I vividly remember how he gradually accepted Landon as her daughter’s love. He is such a no-nonsense but a loving father.

Lastly, I cannot forget Tala of The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom . She’s the last person Eddie met in heaven. She’s memorable for me because she is a young Filipina that Eddie had burned when he was an American soldier in the Philippines.



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